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Are you prepared to handle a home invasion?

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Jason Hanson is Founder and President of the Concealed Carry Academy. I have trained with Jason both in a classroom setting and at the range. He is an excellent instructor that takes the time with his students to determine their skill level so he can tailor a proper training regimen to move them to the next level. Jason spent several years with… Read more »

Adding an AK Cleaning Kit to the Bonesteel Folding Stock

When I got my AK back from Nate at Unique Armament Creations, I wanted to see if the cleaning rod would work with the new Bolton Block integrated front site block / gas block. Nate had replaced the stock Arsenal lower handguard retainer that has a hole for the cleaning rod with a new one as I cut the first… Read more »

Travis Haley Discussing Darkness Solutions

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This is a great video where Travis Haley from Haley Strategic Partners discussed weapons lights and what advantages the INFORCE WML has over the competition. Good info on the WML but also on weapon light theory both outdoors and in a CQB scenario.   Follow us on Google+ by

5.45×39 AR15

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As I mentioned in the 2013 AWB AR post, I was fortunate enough to get an AR lower at before craziness prices. After the lower was all set I started to look for an upper that might work. I wanted to stay away from 5.56 due to limited availability and stumbled upon a 5.45×39 Smith & Wesson upper that was… Read more »

Factors for Selecting a Handgun

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KIT UP! has a good article about Factors for Selecting a Handgun. I just went though this experience with someone. Myself and another trusted friend tried to point a want-to-be new handgun owner to a ton of great recourse for choosing their first handgun. This is very hard for a new shooter as the don’t understand the differences in size and how those sizes effect the shoot-ability both from the size of the frame to… Read more »