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Prepping Mistakes

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Off Grid Survival has a great piece out today about the common mistakes that people make when they start to prepare, like, not having enough water or putting too much importance on gear. We don’t often link to outside articles but this is a quick read that’s to the point and well thought out. Have a look at the Off Grid Survival’s Prepping Mistakes.  As always, I think the key is to be prepared for whatever life throws at you…. Read more »

FrogLube Experiment Update – Bolt Action

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I have a Marlin 22 Win Mag that is dear to my heart. It was actually the first rifle I purchased with my own money and its primary use was for Bustin’ Coyotes. It’s a bolt action and is very accurate. She has been a great rifle but kind of fills a specific niche and since I don’t hunt as… Read more »

Massai Tribe in East Africa Making Fire With Friction

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Wile in East Africa we were able to see the Massai Tribe quickly start fire using a hand drill. It was amazing how fast they were able get to a flame. The Massai use the hand drill as their primary means of fire starting and because of that have to keep their starting tinder very dry. Anyways, very cool video that shows… Read more »