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New Look & Feel

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We have been working on a new site theme for a while and it is finally up and running. The new theme is simple and clean and does not have the mess of code of the old blue theme. I know many of you loved the old theme. It served Fleeting Survival well but it was very heavy, a lot… Read more »

Matt Jacques talks about the RMR on handguns.

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Don’t know if you know Matt Jacques. He runs Victory First, a training group in Virginia. He has a great DVD with Panteao Productions – Make Ready with Matt Jacques Fundamentals of Everyday Carry. He is also one of the main guys behind Trigger Time TV YouTube channel. He just did a great video about adding an RMR to handguns. I have had an RMR on… Read more » is Suing Sniper’s Hide Forum

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So this is complete BS. is a rifle company that makes precision rifles. Sniper’s Hide Forum  is a precision rifle forum but also do a ton of well thought out reviews on everything from optics to rifles. I have been there a couple of times, seems like a great bunch of guys and there is lots of good info on… Read more »

KelTec Sub-2000 – The “perfect” SHTF Weapon

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I think the key word I would add to the title above is Urban. If you live in an urban environment, chances are good that you don’t have many shots over 100 yards around you. There is also more of a need to be discreet. For the uninitiated; the KelTec Sub 2000 is a 29.5″ pistol chambered carbine that is… Read more »