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“Bump Fire” Style, Drop-In Trigger for AR-15

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I am not that huge of a fan of “Bump Fire” stocks although they are fun to shoot I think they are more of a novelty. TacCon is set to release a new trigger that uses the same premise of a “Bump Fire” stock by using a reset mechanism in the trigger and recoil of the rifle to simulate a “Bump Fire” result…. Read more »

3000 Survival Books, Manuals, and Guides for Download

Check out Armageddon Online as they have nearly 3000 survival books, manuals, guides and more in for download. Topics include: Natural Disaster Survival,  Food and Water Prep, Navigation, General Urban and Wilderness Preparedness, Gun Manuals, Evasion Techniques and a whole lot more – Follow us on Google+ by

Rifle Dynamics complete AK upgrade “bolt on” package

Rifle Dynamics just came out with a “bolt on” package for your AK allowing you to take a standard AK and make it an excellent fighting rifle minus only a red dot. The package includes (I have added retail prices next to each item for reference): Ultimak M1-b rail ($100) RD AK M4 stock adapter ($65) Mil-spec buffer tube ($30) Castle nut… Read more »

A note on reviews

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One of the reasons for the creation of this blog was to foster an environment where we could do in-depth reviews on products that we would use ourselves or found intriguing in the industry. About 70% of the product that we review we purchased for ourselves and the other 30% are offered to us from companies that would like us… Read more »

Trijicon CCAS

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I was just chatting with a bunch of guys about something like this when I was over in Africa. A scope that would harness all we have learned so far about ballistics and marksmanship. Trijicon just reinvented the combat optic with the Trijicon Continuously Computed Aiming Solution – CCAS.   Follow us on Google+ by

Happy Independence Day!

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237 years ago a group of strong men thought there was a better way and declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. We have since grown to be the strongest nation in the world because of the freedoms given to us by our creator that are solidified in our Constitution. We fostered an environment where if you built it… Read more »