Trijicon CCAS

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I was just chatting with a bunch of guys about something like this when I was over in Africa. A scope that would harness all we have learned so far about ballistics and marksmanship.

Trijicon just reinvented the combat optic with the Trijicon Continuously Computed Aiming Solution – CCAS.


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Happy Independence Day!

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4th flag

237 years ago a group of strong men thought there was a better way and declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. We have since grown to be the strongest nation in the world because of the freedoms given to us by our creator that are solidified in our Constitution. We fostered an environment where if you built it you could keep the rewards and if you came here you were given a chance to be great.

Today if you have time, please take a moment to reflect on all the men who gave their lives to make all this possible and the things we need to do going forward to keep America strong. Happy Birthday America!

Always a good read  –

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Are you prepared to handle a home invasion?

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Jason Hanson is Founder and President of the Concealed Carry Academy. I have trained with Jason both in a classroom setting and at the range. He is an excellent instructor that takes the time with his students to determine their skill level so he can tailor a proper training regimen to move them to the next level.

Jason spent several years with the Central Intelligence Agency. He’s an Eagle Scout  and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry: Confessions of a Former CIA Officer. He is also a writer for some of the top gun magazines including Combat Handguns, Concealed Carry, and Personal and Home Defense.

Jason puts out a a newsletter where he gives tips and advice on firearms and concealed carry. I found his last email an excellent example on firearms preparedness and wanted to share it with you guys:

Are you prepared to handle a home invasion?

The truth is, many people aren’t, and luckily, the gentleman you’re
about to hear from didn’t have to find out the hard way. Here’s the
email he sent me: (We’ll call him “C” as he asked me not to reveal
his name.)

“Jason, here is a story for you about being prepared but not being
ready for a home invader. The other night while going to sleep my
family and I were startled by a bunch of loud noises coming from
our main level, these were no ordinary noises and sounded like
someone was already in the house or coming thru a window.

Thus I jump up grab my FN 9mm and head downstairs. Luckily, there
was no home invader and it was my dog with his collar stuck on his
cage, he was trying to get loose and in the process his cage and
food/water bowl were being kicked around and making all the noise.
Now to get to the point, I was prepared by having a weapon, but I
was not ready because it was locked, unloaded, and sitting in its
case in the closet.

The process of me getting the case out of the closet, key,
unlocking the lock, and loading a magazine (yes the magazine was
full with bullets ready to go) probably added 10-20 seconds to me
being ready to defend my family. If this was a real home invader he
may have made it upstairs and my weapon rendered useless as it was
not ready fast enough. Continue reading

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Memorial Day

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This Memorial Day we remember those who gave their lives fighting for Liberty and our God given Freedoms. May God bless them, their families and the United Stated of America.

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The RMR GLOCK 19 by ATEi

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There are times when you have someone do some work for you and you are impressed with the end result. Then there are times (not very often) when you are blown away by the work done and wonder how they did it.

We sent a GLOCK 19 slide into Doug at ATEi for an RMR milling and to refinish the slide with Nickel Boron coating. We got the slide back today and to say it looks factory is an understatement. ABSOLUTELY blown away. If you’re looking to have work done on your GLOCK or M&P, have no fear having Doug at ATEi work on your guns. Now its time to go do some shooting!!


Seen here with the awesome INFORCE APL. Review of an RMR on a pistol to follow along with an in-depth review on the INFORCE APL.

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Adding an AK Cleaning Kit to the Bonesteel Folding Stock

When I got my AK back from Nate at Unique Armament Creations, I wanted to see if the cleaning rod would work with the new Bolton Block integrated front site block / gas block. Nate had replaced the stock Arsenal lower handguard retainer that has a hole for the cleaning rod with a new one as I cut the first one off when I installed the TWS handguard. The question was if the Bolton Block would interfere the cleaning rod or push it too far down to be usable. As you can see from the picture below it works perfectly.


It doesn’t have the secondary retainer of the front site block but it works just fine and I have not had any issues with it moving around under stress. In other words; once it’s in there it’s not going anywhere.

So the other missing piece to the puzzle is the AK74 cleaning kit. Since I’m no longer using the Arsenal Buttstock there is nowhere to put it other than in my rifle case. Randomly thinking about the issue I emailed Chris Bonesteel about the buffer tube on his folding stock and asked him if it was hollow. He responded it was and they had tossed around the idea of making it a storage space.


In talking to a machinist friend of mine about the structural integrity of the buffer tube if I drilled out the cap he asked if we could drill a pilot hole – I said sure. From measurements taken from the pilot hole he said there would be no issue as the stock is way sturdier than a tipical M4 buffer tube and whomever designed it over engineered it in a good way for strength. Continue reading

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Travis Haley Discussing Darkness Solutions

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This is a great video where Travis Haley from Haley Strategic Partners discussed weapons lights and what advantages the INFORCE WML has over the competition. Good info on the WML but also on weapon light theory both outdoors and in a CQB scenario.


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5.45×39 AR15

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As I mentioned in the 2013 AWB AR post, I was fortunate enough to get an AR lower at before craziness prices. After the lower was all set I started to look for an upper that might work. I wanted to stay away from 5.56 due to limited availability and stumbled upon a 5.45×39 Smith & Wesson upper that was brand new in the box along with a handful of mags. The price was not crazy and even though the S&W 5.45 upper has been discontinued they still have parts and from what I can see on various forums are still covered under their lifetime warranty.


The main issue with 5.45 AR platform is the mags and they generally suck. Nobody makes a polymer AR mag for 5.45. C Products makes a steel mag that is hit or miss. There are a couple of other manufactures but you could make the case that they are re-stamped C Products mags. Surburban’s Domain did an excellent Guide to 5.45 AR Mags that I would recommend you check out if your are interested in the idea of a 5.45 upper. There has been some luck downloading 556 mags like the windowed gen 2 PMAGs and a few others but I would rather have dedicated 30 round 5.45 mags.


The upper has been stellar. It is a stock S&W M4 upper only difference being the 5.45×39 bolt and the 5.45×39 barrel, otherwise you could not tell it apart from its 556/223 counterparts.  I was extremely fortunate to stock up on 5.45 for my AK74 before the current chaos, so we have been having a blast shooting at least 3 times a week. She is surprisingly accurate with about a 1.5 to 2 inch MOA with good ammo like Hornady’s 5.45 and good to go with 7N6 Russian surplus but you always seem to get one or two flyers from 7N6. The upper came with stock USGI-type handguards that we quickly swapped out for the Magpul carbine length MOE handguards. Weight was the main consideration here as we are trying to keep this rifle as light as possible.



Continue reading

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