How to Build a PVC Pipe Survival Cache

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Great video on how to make a PVC Pipe Survival Cache


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FrogLube Experiment Update

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We wanted to update you guys on our FrogLube tests. At this point we have put thousands of rounds through our guns using FrogLube. I have to say, that we have all come to the conclusion that it is far and away the best lubricant available for firearms.


If you are worried about rust prevention, I think Eezox is the way to go. If your guns are going to sit in a safe or case for a long time, my process now is to use FrogLube and do an exterior wipe down with Eezox just as a preventing agent.

Originally we learned about FrogLube on forums. It was always described as some kind of wonder lube. I don’t know if it’s going to make you shoot better but I will say it is the best gun cleaner / lube we own or have ever used.

I have a closet full of cleaners, lubes and solvents. From Hoppe’s #9, to Ballistol, to M-Pro 7, to CLP, to Weapons Shield, to Gun Butter, to lithium grease (great for the AK), to MILITEC-1, to Slip 2000. I mean, I literally have a closet full of this crap. No more, I’m throwing it all out except for the M-Pro just because it is such a kick ass cleaner / degreaser.

The basic premise as described in our earlier posts HERE & HERE is, you apply FrogLube with the use of heat and then just use it as your primary cleaner / lubricant. After several applications carbon will build up but will just wipe off. You can get the FrogLube kit that comes with an applicator brush, a microfiber towel, Lubricant Paste and Liquid. We use the liquid to clean (has the consistency of ketchup) and the past (has the consistency somewhat of shoe polish) to lube as we have always been a fan of using grease for lube as it stays where you put it.

So what’s it on and what’s the difference after using: Continue reading

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It’s about Freedom

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Sometimes, I think it’s easy to forget. We have a good deal. Cherish it!


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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas from all of us here at Fleeting Survival.

Merry_Christmas_1 (2)

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Review of Swiss Bianco’s QDS for the Ruger 10/22

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The brilliant guys over at Swiss Bianco sent us a Quick Disassembly Screw (QDS) for review when they sent us the awesome M-Sharp (check out the review here). The QDS is a screw that replaces the factory receiver screw (technically known as the Receiver Stock Takedown Cap Screw) on a Ruger 10/22.

The Ruger 10/22 Rifle when broken down is two parts is around 23 – 26 inches depending on what stock you have. This is ideal if you are trying to throw the rifle in a bag and not make it look like a rifle. The QDS allows for this process of disassembly to happen in seconds.

The 10/22, depending on the model, has two main sections; the stock and the receiver. The barrel is attached to the receiver through a V-shaped steel block that fits over an extension at the bottom of the receiver. The stock and receiver are held together, again, depending on the model, by a barrel band and a receiver screw that holds the front of the receiver into the stock.  Most of the higher end 10/22 forgo the barrel band so they are using the receiver screw as the main connection point. Continue reading

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Haley Strategic Skimmer Trigger Review

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I should just start this off by saying – I’m a GLOCK guy. I love GLOCKs. So this review will be coming from that standpoint. If your coming from a 1911 standpoint or you just want to read a great review, MaxVenom did a review HERE.

When I first thought about getting a handgun, everyone I talked to told me to get a GLOCK. I didn’t listen and I bought an FN pistol because I wanted (thought I needed) a physical safety and in my inexperience I thought the GLOCK didn’t fit my hand.

Well the trigger on the FN was not the best, I never used the safety I thought I needed, and it was a double-action/single-action pistol that was hard to train to. It had a long trigger pull for the first shot (double-action) and then a nice short trigger pull onwards (single-action). It was a good gun and it did a good job of showing me the way.

I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to firearms safety. And once the light bulb went off in my head that my two main safeties are my mind and my trigger finger, it seemed like the mechanics of pistol safety’s just got in the way. This is what led me to GLOCK. There a number of reasons to buy a GLOCK but for me it comes down to reliability, ease of maintenance, and dare I say, the trigger reset. Jerking the Trigger has a great write up on “why GLOCK” – HERE.

Anyways, reliability; the GLOCK is the AK of handguns- rock solid. Ease of maintenance; maintenance on a GLOCK is a joke, you can field strip and clean a GLOCK in about 5 min. And last, there is the trigger reset. Not the trigger pull itself, or its smoothness, because these not much there, a GLOCK trigger is grainy and rough. But the trigger reset is the same every time and has a fast positive reset.

Early on, I tried to get rid of some of that graininess in my GLOCK trigger and did the inevitable $0.25 trigger job. You are essentially polishing up the trigger mechanism to smooth things out. For future reference you can also do this by putting a couple thousand rounds downrange. The trigger on my GLOCK 19 smoothed out both from the trigger job, which is a nice way to learn all the components of you handgun, and a LOT of shooting. A great DVD to learn more about the trigger job and the GLOCK itself is AGI Making GLOCKs Rock.

So I own a few GLOCKs and I like the trigger on all of them because they are all the same. You pick up a GLOCK and you know what you are getting. I was never one of the guys that wanted to install a new trigger.

How does all this get us to the Haley Strategic Skimmer Trigger? Well I have been a fan of Magpul for a while and thought it was interesting when Haley and Costa left to go start their own gigs. Because of that I subscribed to Haley’s blog and one day a video popped up of Haley explaining the skimmer (UPDATE – sorry, Haley pulled the video a little while back for reasons I don’t know).

First off, he is saying it’s a carry trigger. That’s kind of huge as most (not all) replacement triggers are for competition or trying to lighten the trigger pull. This trigger was designed from the start to be a carry trigger. I use my GLOCKS as tools and carry them often so this made me think a bit.

GLOCK Triggers and Jeff Wilson have a reputation of putting out quality stuff and I’m always down with increase hit probability and reduce operator error. So I decided to poke around and try to find some reviews. Two things I found crawling the interwebs: 1) people who have tried it, love it and a lot who haven’t, hate it, for a multitude of reasons, 2) there weren’t that many in-depth reviews out there.

Continue reading

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How To Spot A Hidden Handgun

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Interesting diagram put together by a former NYPD officer on how to spot a hidden handgun on a person. Click on image to see full size.


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Prepping Mistakes

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Off Grid Survival has a great piece out today about the common mistakes that people make when they start to prepare, like, not having enough water or putting too much importance on gear.

We don’t often link to outside articles but this is a quick read that’s to the point and well thought out. Have a look at the Off Grid Survival’s Prepping Mistakes. 

As always, I think the key is to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. That may be losing your job and having to get by for a couple months while looking for a new one. Or your microwave, car, computer, and furnace all go out at the same time and having money in reserve to fix those issues without going into debt.

I think the biggest mistake people make when they feel the need to become prepared is they are thinking about the big issues like economic collapse or an EMP. These things may very well happen but you are far more likely to loose your job or get hit by hurricane sandy. For those events, your best options are to have stored food on hand and food that you eat everyday, have a backup generator in case the lights go out, and have a plan to get out of dodge if you are going to be hit by a hurricane.

My point is, preparedness is not about stuff (funny coming from a blog that does survival gear reviews), its about being smart and making decisions that put you in a good place if the SHTF or even if it doesn’t.

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Be Prepared for Sandy – The Frankenstorm

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As Sandy bears down on the East coast make sure you are prepared for day to day systems to fail. Be prepared not to be able to get food or water for 5 days or more. Be prepared not to have power for more than a week. Be prepared for inclement weather and high winds around your property – its time to batten down the hatches.

FEMA has a great website dedicated just to hurricanes with how to prepare before, during, and after –

Dave Canterbury  just posted a great video on preparedness for Sandy but as always, great advice for any storm or day to day preparedness:

Be prepared and be safe!

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The Arsenal’s Rebirth

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When the Tail of the AK all began, one of the reasons I wanted the M+M M10 AK-74 was to get the integrated sight/gas block. Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics has been a big proponent of this for a while. You are able to take almost a pound off the rifle if you cut the barrel back, permanently attach a muzzle device and combine the front sight block and gas block.

When I got the Arsenal, I knew if I wanted to go this route, it would be down the road. I didn’t mind this, as it allowed me to learn the platform from a stock rifle. Unlike the M+M the Arsenal actually works and has functioned flawlessly no matter what she has been put through.

One of the main complaints you often hear about Arsenal rifles is that their finish is a cheap black paint. BBQ paint is the term often thrown around in forums. After just a month of use with the rifle the finish showed significant wear. I don’t really mind that, it gives her character but over the long haul she would need to be refinished.

If she was going to go visit a gunsmith for refinishing I wanted to add a couple of items to the to-do list. So I started to form a list of things I wanted to have done and also started a quest to find a smith that could do the work. Rifle Dynamics was out, as the wait is now up to a year. It’s not easy to find a good Gunsmith let alone one that works on AKs. I poked around and was able to find a good smith (Nate  Rayle of Unique Armament Creations in central VA) with very good reputation that was somewhat local. Early on, in conversations with Nate, he understood what I was attempting to do and was very helpful with advice.

My list for the smith was the following:

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