FrogLube Experiment Update – Bolt Action

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I have a Marlin 22 Win Mag that is dear to my heart. It was actually the first rifle I purchased with my own money and its primary use was for Bustin’ Coyotes. It’s a bolt action and is very accurate. She has been a great rifle but kind of fills a specific niche and since I don’t hunt as much as I used too, her main target now, sorry to say, is paper.

Anyways, in the process of moving some scopes from rifle to rifle I had to go to the range to sight in the new scope that’s on her. Just a cheap 3×9 but gets the job done for a rimfire. When I pulled the Marlin out to put the new scope on it, I lathered her up with some FrogLube and ran the action a couple of times with no real difference but by no means was this gun ever stored dry. She had a good dowsing of lube on the action prior to storage. All I did was wipe off the bolt, and spread a thin layer of FrogLube over bolt. I made no attempt to clean or lube the inner carrier.

This is a fun rifle that as I mentioned has not had a enough range time as of late, so on this outing a wanted to put a couple hundred rounds downrange. I have to say that by round 25 the bolt and action had significantly loosened up and was a dream to work over. I think it took the FrogLube a little bit to work through the traditional gun oil that was on the interworking of the action and once that had been completed the action saw a significant change in ease use. I would highly recommend FrogLube for a bolt gun.

As far as other guns, we are trying to get as many rounds downrange as possible to really give you a good feel for where FrogLube’s strength are. Right off the bat it is awesome in an ARs & bolt actions but we will hold out for more rounds through handguns and AKs.

Here is an interesting video on how FrogLube was able to help the action on a Mosin–Nagant:


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M-Sharp Knife Sharpener Review

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We have seen a lot of cool items come across our desk. Some for firearms, some for survival and some that are just brilliant. The M-Sharp Sharpener by Swiss Bianco is one of those truly brilliant items.

 The M-Sharp is a diamond sharpener much like our beloved DMT sharpening stones that use impregnated diamond dust to sharpen even the hardest steels. The M-Sharp uses a very similar diamond sharpening pad to maintain an existing sharp edge while in the field without the use of oil or water.

Where the utter brilliance lies is in the form factor of the sharpening pad. The diamond sharpening pad is attached to a thin stainless steel bar. The ends of the bar are curled over so that they can wrap around Molle webbing. The fit is rock solid between two sets of webbing and we experienced no movement over months of testing.

When not in use, the sharpener’s diamond pad can be attached so it faces against your pack or other Molle gear. This is great for two reasons; one, it doesn’t knock into or scratch things if on a pack via running into walls or dropping your pack on a floor and two, It protects the diamond pad from damage. When in use you can flip it around and attach it to the Molle, rest it on a solid surface or use it in your hand. Continue reading

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Massai Tribe in East Africa Making Fire With Friction

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Wile in East Africa we were able to see the Massai Tribe quickly start fire using a hand drill. It was amazing how fast they were able get to a flame. The Massai use the hand drill as their primary means of fire starting and because of that have to keep their starting tinder very dry. Anyways, very cool video that shows just how quickly you can get a fire up and running with friction.


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Sorry for the downtime the last couple of weeks. We have been in East Africa, which was an interesting trip. As always we will fill you in on what gear worked and what didn’t for such a long trip.

We have a number of great reviews coming so stay tuned.

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Making Fire From a Duct Tape Bird Nest

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I always bring duct tape with me in my kit be it backpacking or just an EDC kit. This is an interesting video where Dave uses duct tape to start a fire and is a great example of thinking outside the box.


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When can you drink untreated water

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I often get asked when can you drink untreated water. Mike Clelland from Falcon Guides has a great video I reference about his 5 rules for drinking untreated water:


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The Kaito KA200 Pocket AM/FM Radio Review

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I have been looking for a good small radio for my go bag for a while. I have a very small emergency weather radio but I wanted something with AM/FM capabilities. Well I think I have stumbled across what is the perfect blend of performance and size – the Kaito KA200 Pocket AM/FM Radio. Great name, right?

I’m not going to go into detail about all the others tested. In my opinion they were too big for the mission. They were all great radios but at the end of the day the Kaito KA200 was the winner far and away.

The testing criteria was actually pretty straight forward:

  1. Battery life
  2. Size
  3. Signal
  4. Sound quality

The Battery life on the KA200 was outstanding. The KA200 uses 2 AAA batteries (not included). Testing was done by leaving the radio on, on a strong FM station, at about half volume till the radio was unusable. With alkaline batteries installed (I would only recommend lithium if going in a go bag) I got about 55 hours give or take a few. I would anticipate that that number would be better with lithiums. That’s fairly awesome

Continue reading

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The FrogLube Experiment

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I have been reading a ton about FrogLube. It seems to randomly come up in every forum and a flock of converts come out of the woodwork to proclaim its greatness. There are also the haters, but most have not used it (as always) so you have to take what they say with a grain of salt.

I am a huge fan of M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner. M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner has never let me down and can cut your cleanup time in half. It is totally biodegradable and has no offensive smell. But in all honesty, I’m not really a fan of their other products, not because they are bad, just because I don’t like gun oil all that much. I like my lube to stay where I put it so I’m more of a fan of grease especially on AKs and handguns. My grease of choice right now is Weapon Shield. I love the stuff!

Back to FrogLube, I have read enough about it that I thought I would give it a try. First off it is a CLP meaning it cleans, lubricates and protects. It is 100% Bio-Based cleaner, lubricant, and preservative that is made in USA from all domestic components. It is also not just for guns. I have read a lot of reviews where it was used effectively on anything from tools to scissors.

So we picked up Starter Pack that comes with a microfiber towel, an applicator brush, 4oz liquid, and 4oz of their paste. The liquid has the consistency of honey whereas the paste kind of has the consistency of refrigerated butter. Both immediately melt or become viscos when warmed up. Continue reading

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Get Home Bag

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Sootch00 just did a great video on a Get Home Bag. A get home bag is a bag that you have in you vehicle at all times in case you get stuck or stranded and need to make your way home. Sootch00 does a great job of breaking the bag up into three parts based on the time it would take for you to get home.

There is room here to add what additional items you may need but I think he does a good job of covering the basics. You can easily pick up an old backpack from Goodwill that will get the job done and most of the other items you probably have laying around the house. Here is a list of items he mentions in his Get Home Bag:

Bag should be light weight and Durable.
Boots or Walking Shoes in Vehicle at all times.
EDC: Knife, Firearm, Flashlight, Cell , Keys

1-3 Hour Walk:
Hat, Bandana, Sunscreen
Sun Glasses (Safety), Dust Mask (Bandana)
Poncho and/or Heavy Mil Trash Bag
1st Aid Kit

3-12 Hour Walk:
Water: Bottle w/ filter
Fire Starter
Field Knife
Map & Compass
Protection (Firearm & Non Lethal)
Paracord or Cordage
Extra Batteries
Cash $20-100
TP Toliet Paper

12-48 hour walk:
Sleeping system (Bivvy or Space Blanket)
Socks / Gloves
Extra Magazine/Ammo

Continue reading

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Need a Light on Your AK? – Haley Strategic SBR Thorntail review

Need a light on your AK? We think so. Up till now it has been a bit of a pain in the butt to get a quality hook up for a weapon mounted light on an AK. The majority of these lights and mounts are built for the AR side of world and don’t necessarily play nice with the AK side. Haley Strategic along with the awesome folks over at Impact Weapons Components have put out an SBR version of their Thorntail light mount (AK info at about 1:10):

We originally purchased the full length version of the Throntail for the TWS handgaurd which worked out awesome because the TWS Handguard is so long, more like an AR handguard. When we ditched the TWS for an Ultimak, the full length Thorntail was a little long and forces you to move it back towards the red dot a bit. Not a big deal but the SBR version seems to be out of the way a little more on an AK. Impact Weapons Components (IWC) was cool enough to let us purchase just the shorter SBR rail (only difference between the two) to use with my existing Thorntail components. The SBR rail is a little over inch shorter and allows you to get the light in the perfect spot when using an Ultimak.

The light we choose to pair with the Thorntail is the INFORCE 6vx (review in the works) due to its 200 lumen LED and multi-function cap switch. The cap switch easily allows you to switch from momentary to constant on – high, low, or strobe. The light has a sleek slim design and weighs in at only 3oz. The 6vx is made of a rock solid polymer that from are testing takes abuse well. The two are a great low profile pair that line up perfect with an AK & an Ultimak. Continue reading

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