The FrogLube Experiment

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I have been reading a ton about FrogLube. It seems to randomly come up in every forum and a flock of converts come out of the woodwork to proclaim its greatness. There are also the haters, but most have not used it (as always) so you have to take what they say with a grain of salt.

I am a huge fan of M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner. M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner has never let me down and can cut your cleanup time in half. It is totally biodegradable and has no offensive smell. But in all honesty, I’m not really a fan of their other products, not because they are bad, just because I don’t like gun oil all that much. I like my lube to stay where I put it so I’m more of a fan of grease especially on AKs and handguns. My grease of choice right now is Weapon Shield. I love the stuff!

Back to FrogLube, I have read enough about it that I thought I would give it a try. First off it is a CLP meaning it cleans, lubricates and protects. It is 100% Bio-Based cleaner, lubricant, and preservative that is made in USA from all domestic components. It is also not just for guns. I have read a lot of reviews where it was used effectively on anything from tools to scissors.

So we picked up Starter Pack that comes with a microfiber towel, an applicator brush, 4oz liquid, and 4oz of their paste. The liquid has the consistency of honey whereas the paste kind of has the consistency of refrigerated butter. Both immediately melt or become viscos when warmed up. Continue reading

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Get Home Bag

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Sootch00 just did a great video on a Get Home Bag. A get home bag is a bag that you have in you vehicle at all times in case you get stuck or stranded and need to make your way home. Sootch00 does a great job of breaking the bag up into three parts based on the time it would take for you to get home.

There is room here to add what additional items you may need but I think he does a good job of covering the basics. You can easily pick up an old backpack from Goodwill that will get the job done and most of the other items you probably have laying around the house. Here is a list of items he mentions in his Get Home Bag:

Bag should be light weight and Durable.
Boots or Walking Shoes in Vehicle at all times.
EDC: Knife, Firearm, Flashlight, Cell , Keys

1-3 Hour Walk:
Hat, Bandana, Sunscreen
Sun Glasses (Safety), Dust Mask (Bandana)
Poncho and/or Heavy Mil Trash Bag
1st Aid Kit

3-12 Hour Walk:
Water: Bottle w/ filter
Fire Starter
Field Knife
Map & Compass
Protection (Firearm & Non Lethal)
Paracord or Cordage
Extra Batteries
Cash $20-100
TP Toliet Paper

12-48 hour walk:
Sleeping system (Bivvy or Space Blanket)
Socks / Gloves
Extra Magazine/Ammo

Continue reading

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Need a Light on Your AK? – Haley Strategic SBR Thorntail review

Need a light on your AK? We think so. Up till now it has been a bit of a pain in the butt to get a quality hook up for a weapon mounted light on an AK. The majority of these lights and mounts are built for the AR side of world and don’t necessarily play nice with the AK side. Haley Strategic along with the awesome folks over at Impact Weapons Components have put out an SBR version of their Thorntail light mount (AK info at about 1:10):

We originally purchased the full length version of the Throntail for the TWS handgaurd which worked out awesome because the TWS Handguard is so long, more like an AR handguard. When we ditched the TWS for an Ultimak, the full length Thorntail was a little long and forces you to move it back towards the red dot a bit. Not a big deal but the SBR version seems to be out of the way a little more on an AK. Impact Weapons Components (IWC) was cool enough to let us purchase just the shorter SBR rail (only difference between the two) to use with my existing Thorntail components. The SBR rail is a little over inch shorter and allows you to get the light in the perfect spot when using an Ultimak.

The light we choose to pair with the Thorntail is the INFORCE 6vx (review in the works) due to its 200 lumen LED and multi-function cap switch. The cap switch easily allows you to switch from momentary to constant on – high, low, or strobe. The light has a sleek slim design and weighs in at only 3oz. The 6vx is made of a rock solid polymer that from are testing takes abuse well. The two are a great low profile pair that line up perfect with an AK & an Ultimak. Continue reading

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Texas Weapons Systems Kalashnikov Handguard Review

The Texas Weapons Systems (TWS) Handguard was something I wanted for my Ak the second I saw it. One issue I have with the AK platform is the smallish handguards. Although the Arsenal handguards are excellent and are probably the best when it comes to shielding you from the heat of the barrel and gas tube, they are rather short which can be an issue for taller guys with long arms. The other major problem with the AK is its ability to run an optic and a weapon light. The TWS Handguard seemed to be the answer to all of these problems.

First off, they are expensive, like $265 expensive. Second they are hard to find. Seems TWS is having issues getting them out the door, so much so that Gabe Suarez has canceled the use of the TWS Handguard on his Universal Rifle. The primary retail vendor for these is One Source Tactical (OST). TWS is really messing with OST on these. I ordered one when they were in stock, but OST ships as products come in. It took OST & TWS over a month and a half to get me the handguard. I was not thrilled by the responses I got from either company but I would side with OST. They have a lot of angry customers complaining about delays.

In the end the handguard finally arrived along with OST’s Terrorist Interdiction Bag (TIB) which I ordered during the delay and asked them to add to the order (which they were awesome about). Look for our review of the TIB in the future but first impression it is an awesome bag.

The TWS Handguard comes in a simple box with NO instructions. If you poke around online there is a massive outcry not only for instructions but also how much of a pain in the ass it is to install. TWS must have been listening, at least on the pain in the ass side, as it looks like it has had a redesign from the first handguards that were shipped. There used to be a bushing system that was supposed to in theory aid in barrel harmonics and accuracy. Now it just clamps onto the barrel. TWS probably saw that the bushing system was a source of pain when installing the handguard and got rid of it. Continue reading

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CoWitness Explained

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Dimitri with Primary Arms does a great job in this video of explaining CoWitness both absolute and lower 1/3. One of the reviews we are working on and should have up in the next week is the Texas Weapons Systems (TWS) Kalashnikov Handguard. Right out front, one of our major issues with this handguard is the lack of CoWitness. This is a great video that explains what we will be discussing when we talk about lower 1/3 CoWitness.


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Independence Day

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Have a safe and happy Independence Day from everyone here at Fleeting Survival.


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Out of Pocket

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We are going to be out of pocket for a little bit on travel but wanted to give you guys a heads up on some awesome reviews appearing in the next month or two.

Just to name a few:

  • Haley Strategic Partners Skimmer Trigger – Yes we went out and got our hands on a gen 4 Skimmer Trigger. With over 2000 rounds downrange we will give you an epic review when we get back
  • Texas Weapons System New AK Handgaurd – Finally delivered from OST, we will give you the skinny on what we think; good, bad, and the ugly
  • Jtech backpack – Looking forward to a good Bug Out Bag review
  • INFORCE 6vx – Super lightweight carbon fiber flashlight
  • INFORCE WML (Weapons Mounted Light) – INFORCE’s new mountable light
  • How to build a container garden – Urban survival through food production
  • Jim Fuller’s Rear Sight Modification – Sent a rear sight off to Rifle Dynamics to have Jim work his magic, we let you know what we think.
  • Haley Strategic Partners Thorntail Light Mount – Travis Haley has put out a light mount that might help AK owners with the weapons light conundrum
  • Magpul’s MS3 Sling – 1 to 2 point sling on the cheap
  • BattleComp 2.0 – On an AK74?
  • Venom Tactical’s Bolton Block – Lenny Bolton’s 2nd gen gas block combines the front sight and gas block into one lightweight part.

Stay tuned

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Bushcraft on the Cheap

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I’m one who LOVES a good deal so this is awesome that he was able to get all this for that price.


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Paul Gomez has passed away

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Trainer Paul Gomez passed away. Gomez International has been recommended to me several times and Paul has always preached “buy good gear and learn how to use it”.  He will be missed & our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Here is a great video of Paul and PatriotNurse discussing preparedness from the iconic Beans, Bullets & Band Aids perspective. After the video, check out Paul’s YouTube channel as it holds a wealth of information.


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Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail Review

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Strike Industries (SI) sent us one of their AK Rails for testing and evaluation a while back and I have to admit that looking at the pictures on their website I was not in love. Up till now, I have been using a micro red dot on a Midwest Industries (MI) AK side rail. I’m not a huge fan of the side rail concept but it does allow easy on and off and is great if you want to move back and forth between a red dot optic and iron sites.

As a data point, the MI side rail weighs in at 7.2 oz on my scale, partner that with a red dot and you’re at 11.5 depending on the mount and the red dot. That’s not a ton of weight but you do notice when you take it off to clean the rifle.

When I went with the MI rail (which I like a lot but is double the cost of the Strike Industries and hard to find right now) I was thinking I wanted to get the red dot as far back as possible. This was one of the reasons I was not thrilled with the Strike Industries concept as its moving the dot forward.

First impressions out of the box, we were impressed. This mount is a super lightweight, like 1.4 oz on my scale lightweight. The AK Rail is made of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum that has been hard coat anodized. The rail comes with instructions, 3 leveling hex set screws, and a horizontal mounting screw & nut that ride where you rear sight rides.

Installation was fairly easy, the hardest part being getting your rear sight off. There are a number of ways to do this, most you can find on the web. My preferred method is to stand the sight vertically and push down on the sight leaf with a screwdriver, once you get the leaf far enough down the rear sight will drop free. Both of Jim Fuller’s AK armorers DVDs include details on how to remove the rear sight and both are highly recommended by us. SI does not include details on how to do this in their instructions or if you should remove the sight leaf which we assume you should. Continue reading

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