Disturbance in the force

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The next few weeks are going to be turbulent to say the least no matter who wins the election.

I would recommend that everyone probably stop by the bank and get more cash on hand then normal. You may want to go to the grocery store and fill up the pantry and fridge. I would also recommend that you have all your cars gassed up. I think it’s best to prepare like a big winter storm is coming and you may have to hunker down for a few weeks.

For those that haven’t already voted you may want to think about doing it early when the lines are small to limit the amount of time at the polling place. A lot of chatter as of late for attacks on polling places.

Stay safe!

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The Election is coming

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We published this in July and we are pushing it out again as the market is still in your favor. I would say the election is looking more like those against the 2nd amendment have a high probability of winning.

There is an election coming and it’s going to be a shit show no matter what. The boys over at Iraqveteran8888 just did a good video on what to pick up in prep for said election. I would add to the video’s list (lessons learned from the Sandy Hook debacle):

  • Lower parts kits – took a few weeks after Sandy Hook but when they went, they all disappeared quickly and none were seen for at least 6 months to a year after.
  • Mags – pistol and AR/AK. Buy them and leave them in the wrapper, you can sell them when the panic comes. If there is some stupid ban your will be grandfathered in.
  • AR receivers – they are super cheap now (Andreson’s you can find for $39)and you can throw one or two in the safe for later
  • Ammo 556 – Wolf Gold is awesome ammo for the price. You can pick a case or two for right around $300 per right now. That will not be the case in the coming months.
  • Ammo 22lr – if you own a 22lr you know how much of a pain it has been to find ammo. It’s starting to come back around with most quantity restrictions lifted. I would highly recommend picking up as much 22lr as you can find. It’s going to disappear again and you’re not going to see it for at least a year.
  • Pistol ammo – buy a case or two now while it’s cheap.
  • AR15 – If you have been putting of buying an AR now is the time. You can get a great AR for $700 and really great AR for $1200-$1600. These have the ability to dry up in a week or two and they won’t be $700 when they come back.

If you are in the market for a new reddot, bolt gun, other accessories, or scope I would recommend diverting those funds to the above list. You will be able to find those after the panic you will not be able to find the above.

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GLOCK 43 – Cerakoted (Updated)

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As I had mentioned in the GLOCK 43 – Getting a better grip post, I have a gunsmith locally that does cerakote and he offered to cerakote my GLOCK 43 in the same color pattern as my Umbrella Corp/BCM SBR. It took a little while, I had to grab the gun from him as I needed it for a few weeks. He called me a few days ago to let me know it was all set.

I have to say I am in love. I don’t really love the 43 as a pistol. I think it’s the best one for it’s size category. It has the benefit of being all GLOCK and I think it is a great backup gun. That all being said, the cerakote really makes it pop. I will keep you guys up to date on holster wear and the general durability of cerakote on a handgun.




Had some request for images of the finish wear from use. The images below are from about a year of beating on this 43. I really dont baby my guns – I throw them in bags with other guns, parts and ammo all the time so any random chips are probably from that. Any frame wear is from an INCOG holster. I would say the wear on the frame is indicative of what you will get just like normal holster wear but the frame wear is from abuse. I would add that this gun has not been really cleaned on the exterior so some of the wear may clean up.


2016-09-07 11.07.19 2016-09-07 11.08.17 2016-09-07 11.07.53 2016-09-07 11.07.30

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Red Dot Use at Close Distances

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I just took another weekend AK training class. Always good to get back to the AK. Ever since I have gotten into NFA stuff I have moved more to the AR world and there is something so nice about running an AK at full speed. I am a sucker for the simplicity.

Anyways, while I was there I was ruining my 19 with the RMR on it for transitions. Three people came up to me and discussed how they had guns with RMRs on them and they were OK for longer shots but they didn’t really feel comfortable with them at close range use or for EDC.

I actually hear this all the time from people who have RMRs on their guns and those that have just shot them. I think it boils down to two cases; 1) you have been shooting pistols for 10+ years and thousand and thousands of reps with iron sites and it burned into your brain how to react on the draw of your pistol. 2) People just don’t get how to use a red dot either on a rifle or a handgun – look at bad guy, put dot over bad guy and squeeze the trigger. I think a lot of people focus on the dot and not the target.

Anyways Sage Dynamics just did an excellent video on how to use an RDS handgun at close range and it made me wish he had done it before the class so I could point those guys to this video. It’s a little long but if you have an RDS pistol or looking to get one it’s a must watch.

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This Memorial Day

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This Memorial Day remember if not for those that have laid down their lives for this country we wouldn’t even have this weekend to look forward to.

“The National Moment of Remembrance, established by Congress, asks Americans, wherever they are at 3 p.m., local time, on Memorial Day, to pause in an act of national unity for a duration of one minute. The time 3 p.m. was chosen because it is the time when most Americans are enjoying their freedoms on the national holiday. The Moment does not replace traditional Memorial Day events; rather, it is an act of national unity in which all Americans, alone or with family and friends, honor those who died in service to the United States.”


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