KelTec Sub-2000 – The “perfect” SHTF Weapon

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I think the key word I would add to the title above is Urban. If you live in an urban environment, chances are good that you don’t have many shots over 100 yards around you. There is also more of a need to be discreet.


For the uninitiated; the KelTec Sub 2000 is a 29.5″ pistol chambered carbine that is available in 9mm and 40 S&W. The Sub 2000 is a blowback semi-automatic rifle with its operating spring located in the stock. The rifle naked weighs in at 4.0 lbs. and can be folded in half at the breach to a length of 16” which fits in most backpacks and messenger bags.

The rifle feeds from a grip-located magazine and is sold in several configurations that take magazines from different pistol manufactures. On the 9mm side the rifle comes in configs that can fit mags for the GLOCK 17, GLOCK 19, Smith & Wesson Model 59, BERETTA 92, and the SIG P226.

On the 40 side the rifle is available in: GLOCK 22, GLCOK 23, BERETTA 96, Smith & Wesson Model 4006, and the SIG P226.


The receiver is made of Zytel which is a type of polymer. To fold the rifle you pull downward on the trigger guard which is on a hinge that allows the barrel assembly to fold over on itself and lock into the folded position with a latch in the buttstock that secures to the front sight. To unfold the rifle, you depress a button on the latch to swing the rifle back into firing position. The rifle is locked into place by pressing the trigger guard back into the pistol grip.

In my opinion the KelTec Sub-2000 is the “perfect” Urban SHTF Weapon especially if you own and carry a GLOCK. Why do you say “especially if you own and carry a GLOCK”? Because the Sub 2k has the ability to use GLOCK mags especially the GLOCK 18 33 round mags. You now have a rifle that folds in half, weighs around 4lb (6lb totally tricked out), shares magazine and ammo with your carry pistol, takes 33 round mags that are small and light weight compared to a AR or AK, and can be carried around in a small backpack.

I have been looking for one of these in the GLOCK 17 configuration for about 2 years. I think it’s fair to say they are hard to find. You can always find them on gunbroker but you will pay about double. I thought I was getting close to finding this unicorn and then Sandy Hook happened, the market did a 180 overnight.  The best advice I have is to find every online shop that sells them and add your email to the back in stock notification system. That being said, I have those all set up but that’s not how I found mine.  Continue reading

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Efficient Wood Stove Operation

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This is slightly cheesy video about efficient wood stove operation. We have a wood stove at our bug out and it has been a life saver. We can dramatically lower our heating bills by using wood (easily heat the whole house with just wood) and the stove top can be used as a backup cooking surface if need be.

Anyway, I came across this informative video from  on differing fire methods along with temperature control:


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Holiday Gift Guide 2013

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Fleeting Survival’s Gift Guide for 2013

Here are some suggestions for the prepper / gun lover in your life.

Gifts for the AR15


BCM Bolt – One of the best AR bolts money can buy

Rainier arms charging handle – We have used both this and the BCM Gunfighter and we think this is a better allaround piece of kit although more expensive

Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group Grip 23 – The best grip we have come across if you like a more aggressive grip angle

BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 0 – Best comp for the money hands down

Magpul MOE handguards – Looking to upgrade your ARs stock handguards? Best bang for your buck and weight if it’s for a carbine or mid-length rifle

B5 Systems Bravo stock – super lightweight, affordable rock solid stock with a great cheek weld

IWC QD mount – Add a QD mount up frount. The IWC QD Mount is the perfect addition to the Magpul MOE handguards

INFORCE WML – Need a light for your rifle? The WML is the perfect gift. See our review here

Mueller Speed Shot Rifle Scope – Its a red dot and a 4x power scope. Extremely affordable variable illuminated optic with 5 star reviews. Great option for a dual purpose hunting/battle rifle AR like a 300 Blackout


Gifts for the AK47 / 74


US Palm Grip – A truly awesome replacement AK grip. Fills your hand and lets you easily hold the rifle one handed.

echo93 sling attachment points – Great way to add a sling attachment point to the rear of your AK

Noveske Quick Detach FLUSH Mount – Awesome QD mount you can add to a stock AK butt stock that is rock solid and easy to install Continue reading

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Breaking Up The Silhouette – Hydro-Dipping Your Rifle

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I have been looking to get one of my guns hydro-dipped for a while. I have a Berretta 3901 that is an all black 12 gauge that would be a killer duck gun. I always thought it would be cool to get hydro-dipped in a reed camo pattern. In doing research into hydro-dipping I had some concerns about the durability of aftermarket hydro-dipped guns and it seemed the easiest way to get a read on that was to get some hydro-dipped parts for one of my AR15 as the parts are so modular.


I originally thought about dipping the whole gun, but this somewhat limits the resale value of the rifle. If I just get the furniture dipped I could always swap out the furniture and overall I think it still does a good job of breaking up the silhouette of the rifle at distance. The most important function of camo is not to make you look like a tree or a bush but to break up the silhouette of whatever you are camouflaging.

Your eyes and brain do a lot of stereotyping to identify something; friend, foe, target, food, water and so on. The basic premise to camouflage is breaking up silhouette of what you are trying to hide to fool the brain into not being able to place the object by outline. If you were to look very hard you could figure it out but for this exercise we are just trying to blend in better.  An all-black AR15 is an iconic image that the brain pickes up on fairly quickly so by dipping just the furniture we can help to break up the rifles silhouette.


If you look around for someone who hydro-dips AR15 furniture the first that usually comes up is SXW Inc or as they used to be known; Sexy Weapon Inc. SXW Inc has been doing dipping for a long time and have added quite a selection of pre-dipped furniture that you can pick up if you don’t need anything special as far as furniture goes. Most of it is Magpul but they do have some higher end furniture and accessories. Continue reading

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“Bump Fire” Style, Drop-In Trigger for AR-15

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I am not that huge of a fan of “Bump Fire” stocks although they are fun to shoot I think they are more of a novelty. TacCon is set to release a new trigger that uses the same premise of a “Bump Fire” stock by using a reset mechanism in the trigger and recoil of the rifle to simulate a “Bump Fire” result. Check out this video and their site here.


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G-Code INCOG Holster Review

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Holsters, let me tell you about holsters. It has been a long road to find a few holsters that work with the way I dress, that are comfortable, and work with how I want to carry. Because of this, I own a lot of holsters.

Like most of you I have been on a quest for both a great OWB (outside the waistband) holster and an IWB (inside the waistband) holster. On the OWB I think I’m all set. Raven Concealment holsters are exceptional and have the best service and warranty in the business. If there is anything wrong they will pay for you to send it back and they will either fix it or send you a new holster. My personal turnaround on work like this has been a week or less. Anyone that says kydex is kydex has never owned or used a Raven Concealment holster.

Raven Light Compatible Phantom for the INFORCE APL

Raven Light Compatible Phantom for the INFORCE APL

I have been looking for an IWB holster for a long time. I know you can go IWB with the Raven Phantom but it never really worked with my body type or quick on and off. I was looking for a holster that conceals well, is comfortable, can be used by a GLOCK 19 with a red dot, can very easily be put on and taken off, and can be positioned for appendix carry or 5 o’clock.

For 5 o’clock there is no better IWB holster in my option than the crossbreed supertuck or the myriad of copies for that type of holster. The problem with the supertuck is it’s meant for one position on the body and can’t roll all that well for appendix carry.

So while on this quest, I have purchased and sold many a holster and have a nice box of holsters that didn’t work out all that well. I’m not really going to go into much more detail than that, as I think holsters are a very personal and what you like I may completely hate.

This brings us to G-Code and their INCOG. I know, another Travis Haley sponsored piece of gear. To start, my purchasing decision had nothing to do with Travis’s recommendation other than he does test the shit out of stuff he puts his name on. In all actuality, I purchased it because it was relatively cheap and that said they could accommodate a red dot, more on that later.

The INCOG is made by G-Code Holsters and you can purchase it directly from them or from the Haley Strategic web store. The INCOG is a minimalist IWB holster that can be worn at any position but it shines at appendix carry. The holster is not light compatible and as of writing is being made for GLOCKs, M&Ps, 1911s, FN FNS, XDs, and Lionheart LH-9 series pistols. The holster I purchased was for a GLOCK 19 with an RDS at the rear.

The INCOG has a couple stand out features that set it apart from the rest of the IWB crowd. It has a synthetic suede that covers the exterior of the holster that G-Code calls Tactical Fuzz. The fuzz does a couple of things; it adds comfort against your skin if you are wearing it without an undershirt. The fuzz wicks away sweat between your body and the holster, and it also does an excellent job of keeping the holster in place. All the holster edges are rounded and polished and fuzz has yet to pull up at any wear points. Continue reading

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