INFORCE WML (Weapon Mounted Light) Review

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As we said in our HSP Thorntail review, if you have an existing light, the Thorntail may be the best option for mounting a light on an AR or an AK for that matter. But I think if you don’t have an existing light and have a rail system on your AR, there may be a better solution. We approached INFORCE about doing a review on their 6vx standalone light (review in the works) and they sent along a WML (Weapon Mounted Light) for us to test as well.

A little background on INFORCE; INFORCE is a brand owned by Emissive Energy Corporation who is an American manufacturer of LED/Laser products based in Rhode Island. Founded in 1991, EEC is known in the industry as experts in custom laser/ LED designs, engineering, and producer of optoelectronic systems. In 2008 the INFORCE brand was established to develop products specifically for military and law enforcement. The majority of their sales currently are to Military and LE clients but they do sell to the civilian market. Their products are battle proven and are not some light/laser manufacture producing lights that “say” they will do the job. INFORCE products are the real deal. We are super excited to be able to put them through the ringer.

The INFORCE WML (Weapon Mounted Light) comes in three flavors; White with Infrared Multifunction, White Multifunction, and White Momentary Only. The first two are field-programmable lights. They can go from high-to-low or low-to-high and also have a strobe feature that is easily disabled. The third option, the White Momentary Only is light we received for T&E.

When we first unboxed the WML, we were amazed at how light weight it is. It weighs in at 3oz on our scale and that includes its mounting hardware. The WML is made of the same rock solid polymer as the 6vx. It has a unique dark charcoal color that everyone here thought was excellent. The WML is a 125 lumen light that is powered by one CR123 battery. That one CR123 gave us a run time of just under 2 hours in our tests.

The main idea of the INFORCE WML is a super simple, no tools required light that mounts to any 1913 rail. The mounting system and hardware is built right into the light for a compact all in one unit. The White Momentary Only light features a rubber coated pressure switch that must be activated for the light to be on. So the light is not a light you turn on and leave on till you turn it off. It is momentarily activated by the pressure switch. We thought this was an excellent setup as the way the light mounts to the rail and its built in ergonomics allows your thumb to just rest on the switch during normal shooting. We really like the momentarily activation technique of flash-and-move, flash-and-move. This way you use it only momentarily until threats have been identified or neutralized.

Another nice feature of the light is its two lockout systems. The WML has two ways to protect from accidental discharge; you can either twist the front of the light a full twist to lock out or you can lift a built in safety lever that protect from accidental activation button. The safety lever is an awesome option as its super quick to throw up while putting your AR in a case or a safe.

One of the problems that you can experience with some Polymer LED flashlights is they are susceptible to damage from overheating. INFORCE has gotten around this problem by making the inner sheath out of aluminum. They also added cooling vents around the LED that allows the light to shed heat. This combo seems to work perfectly as we experienced no degradation, strobing, or auto shutdown due to heat.

As mentioned before, the light mounts without any tools. It has an igneous throw lever that is spring actuated. You just pull back, lock on the rail, and tighten down the locking screw. No tools, and once on, it is rock solid. We tried to knock it off with no success. We were very impressed by this simple mounting system. You can literally go from out of box to installed in 2 minutes. Again, as with the Thorntail the tricky part is getting it right where your shooting hand sits. Unlike the Thorntail since the mounting system is so easy to install you can move it around in seconds.

Here are 4 different mounting options based on how you may run your rifle:

The WML has a fairly wide throw from its beam. The LED has a good balance of throw vs. a single point. Overall we thought the beam to be excellent but keep in mind it only 125 lumen so if you were outside and trying to make an identification at 100 yards, you may have some issues. It is important to remember that lumens are not a measurement of “brightness” but is rather a measure of total visible light output. In saying that, we see the WML primarily as a CQB/home defense light, and for that role we thought the WML was excellent.

The light is said to be waterproof to 66 feet. We were unable to fully test the depth but the light sat at the bottom of a 10ft pool for a day and arose no worse for wear. As we said in the HSP Thorntail review; the INFORCE lights are made of a rock solid polymer that from our testing takes abuse very well. These lights can take hits and drops without any issue. The only issue that we could foresee is if you had a short carbine length rail, I dont know if you would have the room work the light. But in that situation, the HSP Thorntail with a INFORCE 6vx may be the answer.

At the end of the day, we love the INFORCE 6vx (review in the works) but I personally would love to put the WML on my AK. It’s such a simple no nonsense light that is right were you need it to be. Ahhh, the dream of the TWS handguard that turned out NOT to work. My setup right now on the SGL with the Ultimak is awesome, and I can’t complain, but I wish the WML was an option for the AK.

I can tell you strait up, the INFORCE WML works and works awesome. If you own an AR with a rail system, this is the light to get. This is one of those products that if you are reading this review and you’re thinking to yourself should I get this light – the answer is YES. We love WML and we think you will too.

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6 thoughts on “INFORCE WML (Weapon Mounted Light) Review

    1. Fleeting Survival Post author

      We don’t currently have a rail system long enough on an AK where it would work. One thing that may be an issue is if your rail system is too short, I don’t think you would have enough space to add the WML. In that scenario the HSP Thorntail is probably a better option because you can kick the light out past the rail.

      You would need a long rail like the UltiMAK lower, the MI full length rail, or the TWS rail for you to have the room for both your hand and the WML.

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