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If you read back through the post here at Fleeting Survival you will learn that we are big fans of INFORCE (see our WML review HERE and our APL review HERE). SureFire makes great lights and I own a few (also big fans) but they have settled in their ways and do little to innovate anymore. INFORCE on the other hand has time after time come out with innovative solutions for both handheld and weapons lights.

The INFORCE WML is the perfect example of this. The WML give you 200 lumens in super lightweight yet durable package. We were unsuccessful in our attempt to kill our first WML. It’s been thrown downrange as far as we could muster. It’s been bumped into walls and door jams. We accidently knocked an unloaded AR off a 6 foot balcony and it landed directly on the WML no worse for wear. We also threw it in a lake for a few weeks with no issues.


Recently INFORCE came out with the WMLx which is a 500 lumen version of the well liked standard WML. Walking into this review I didn’t think I would want the extra power. From an indoor CQB standpoint you can definitely have too much light. Put a pistol light on your home defense pistol, set your alarm for 3am, wake up and grab your gun, turn on the pistol light, and in the dark of night, in your house, I think you will be surprised just how much 200 lumens is (sorry for all the commas). Your eyes need to adjust and it’s difficult out of a deep sleep for that to happen. So I asked myself, why I would want a 500 lumen light that weighs more (just an ounce) than the original WML.

Within the last year I picked up an AAC 9” 300 Blackout SBR. It’s an awesome gun as a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) and when you throw a suppressor on the end you have a 30 caliber suppressed rifle that is same length as a regular AR. One of the problems you have is with lighting. Because you have this large suppressor attached you end up with a massive shadow and a lot of the light thrown back at you. You can’t really solve this issue because the handguard is so short. 200 lumens just doesn’t really cut it here because you need more of a throw to get out past the suppressor. Throw the WMLx on and it’s a game changer. Much more light, better throw, problem solved.


Where the WMLx really shined for us was outside! For deer hunting this year I decided to use the 9” AAC SBR. The long walk out to the blind at zero dark thirty, I generally run with a headlamp. This year I just rolled with the WMLx and had my rifled slinged. The throw of the WMLx outside is incredible. You would have no issue identifying a target at 100 yards. You would have no problem completely blinding them at 50 yards. Outside in the woods of WV the WMLx is a beast!

One of the features I like so much about the original WML is the momentary only function. I hate on/off lights on a rifle. I want momentary only so if I take my thumb off the switch, the light goes off. I want to use the light very sparingly and the WML is perfect for that. INFORCE has added a selection lever on the side of the WMLx if you need always on. Flip the lever forward and the light changes to an on/off light actuated by the thumb switch. This again was something I thought I would never use but several times hunting it was much easier using the light in the on/off configuration.


The selection lever can be articulated with just your thumb but is out of the way and would be somewhat difficult to flipp accidentally, although possible. The times I needed it, it was invaluable but I think it is something you need to decide if you need, especially on the original WML.

THE WMLx shares the same lock out features as its little brother. There is a safety lever in line with the thumb switch which you can flip up to a lockout position that essentially blocks the switch. The light still works if somehow something was able to accidentally actuate the light but it’s an easy way to make sure the light doesn’t accidentally get turned on in your gun case or safe, leaving you with a dead battery. Once flipped up, you can very easily flip it down with just your thumb. INFORCE also has a secondary lockout system, you just rotate the head a ¼ turn and the light will completely set to off until the head is turned back.

Mounting is the same as the WML with the INFORCE’s Pivoting clamp that locks the light to any 1913 rail. I am using the HSP Thorntail Offset mount which is ideal with the way the Knight’s URX 3.1 rail is set up. The URX has forward rail sections at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. The Offset puts the light in absolute perfect placement for your thumb. Very easy to run the gun with or without your thumb on the light. I can’t think of a better matchup for the WML/WMLx than the HSP Thorntail Offset mount for a rail like the URX or the Geissele MK4. I will do a separate review on the Thorntail Offset in the future.

The WMLx comes with a built in strobe function that I have no use for but I know readers that want this feature. To turn the strobe function on you put the LED/ selection lever pointing forward (on/Off), and give the pressure switch two quick presses which will activate the strobe. For those that want to turn it off INFORCE makes the processes very easy:

  1. Unscrew the light head one revolution to the lockout position.
  2. Press and hold the button/pressure switch.
  3. While holding the button/pressure switch, tighten the head and then release the button. The strobe feature is now disabled.
  4. To reactivate the strobe function, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.

I think the main competition for the WMLx is the SureFire M600 Ultra Scout Light. The M600 Ultra comes with its own mount although not as elegant as the WMLx, takes two 123A batteries and is designed to be a weapons light. Three points where I think the WMLx mops up the M600 is weight: the WMLx = 4oz and the SureFire M600 Ultra Scout Light = 5.6oz. MSRP: the Surefire runs $300 without the tape switch and the WMLx runs $175. And run time: the WMLx is 2 hours and the SureFire M600 Ultra Scout Light is 1.5 hours.

Street price on the WMLx is around $160. Compare that to the other 500 lumen weapons lights on the market and you quickly see it’s a steel. You get all the durability of the original WML with the added power for just an additional ounce. Plus the WMLx has the added benefit of coming in three colors: black, flat dark earth and desert. If you are looking for a 500 lumen weapon light, the WMLx is a no brainer!

I will add The WMLx to the FS store on Amazon under weapons lights. You can download a copy of the Fact Sheet and User Manual from INFORCE HERE.

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