Red Dot Use at Close Distances

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I just took another weekend AK training class. Always good to get back to the AK. Ever since I have gotten into NFA stuff I have moved more to the AR world and there is something so nice about running an AK at full speed. I am a sucker for the simplicity.

Anyways, while I was there I was ruining my 19 with the RMR on it for transitions. Three people came up to me and discussed how they had guns with RMRs on them and they were OK for longer shots but they didn’t really feel comfortable with them at close range use or for EDC.

I actually hear this all the time from people who have RMRs on their guns and those that have just shot them. I think it boils down to two cases; 1) you have been shooting pistols for 10+ years and thousand and thousands of reps with iron sites and it burned into your brain how to react on the draw of your pistol. 2) People just don’t get how to use a red dot either on a rifle or a handgun – look at bad guy, put dot over bad guy and squeeze the trigger. I think a lot of people focus on the dot and not the target.

Anyways Sage Dynamics just did an excellent video on how to use an RDS handgun at close range and it made me wish he had done it before the class so I could point those guys to this video. It’s a little long but if you have an RDS pistol or looking to get one it’s a must watch.

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