Weighing Sources

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This video from Primary & Secondary is spot on! You need to gather your data from different sources – different data points as I like to say and then make a conclusion. Even when you do that perfectly, you still might not like the outcome.

There is so much bad information now. I am in a few groups in facebook and the info there is so bad. At least on a forum you build up a reputation and watch people that have a reputation. Most of the time you know when people are full of shit. Seems like lately you have to start your research thinking this author / video creator is full of shit.

Its on you to find good sources of info if you care. If you dont care I doubt you are reading this. We care that are info is good and that we test it to the best of our ability. We care if people are full of shit and are misleading others but I will no longer fight for them. Its on them to figure it out. To ask questions and be a critical thinker.  If not, I am not going to take the time and fight for the correction. Its not worth the BS.

I would add that fleeting survival doesn’t give a shit about clicks. We have killed off all advertising other than easy amazon ads that they manage. We are well off enough that we can pay for hosting and software fees to run the site without other masters.  If you don’t like it, we could care less. We have a number of readers that find value so we keep the site up. When we get time we try to post as much as possible. Lately we have been spending a lot more time at charitable organizations and in all honesty that sucks time from other things. FS gets hit first.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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