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We are going to be out of pocket for a little bit on travel but wanted to give you guys a heads up on some awesome reviews appearing in the next month or two.

Just to name a few:

  • Haley Strategic Partners Skimmer Trigger – Yes we went out and got our hands on a gen 4 Skimmer Trigger. With over 2000 rounds downrange we will give you an epic review when we get back
  • Texas Weapons System New AK Handgaurd – Finally delivered from OST, we will give you the skinny on what we think; good, bad, and the ugly
  • Jtech backpack – Looking forward to a good Bug Out Bag review
  • INFORCE 6vx – Super lightweight carbon fiber flashlight
  • INFORCE WML (Weapons Mounted Light) – INFORCE’s new mountable light
  • How to build a container garden – Urban survival through food production
  • Jim Fuller’s Rear Sight Modification – Sent a rear sight off to Rifle Dynamics to have Jim work his magic, we let you know what we think.
  • Haley Strategic Partners Thorntail Light Mount – Travis Haley has put out a light mount that might help AK owners with the weapons light conundrum
  • Magpul’s MS3 Sling – 1 to 2 point sling on the cheap
  • BattleComp 2.0 – On an AK74?
  • Venom Tactical’s Bolton Block – Lenny Bolton’s 2nd gen gas block combines the front sight and gas block into one lightweight part.

Stay tuned

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