AK Resources

AK Resources

As we started to do research for the Tail of the AK, it became clear that information about the AK-47 and AK-74 variants is all over the place. We wanted to make it a bit easier for those just starting down the road to find good links to information related to everything AK, including:

  • General Info Sites
  • How-to
  • Forums
  • Reviews
  • Vendors

This will always be a work in progress. If you have any great sites that we have missed please comment and we will add them. Also on the flip side if you see dead links or links that have moved please add those in the comments as well. We foresee this as being a group effort.

General Info

AK47 Talk is a great site dedicated to everything AK related. Matt over there is generally on top of any new news about the AK platform or Russian military gear – ak47talk.blogspot.com

aa-ok.com has a great page dedicated to AK rifles. Good learning website to see the differences between the variants – aa-ok.com/gun-gallery

Our reviews of the M10 and Arsenal AK74s:

Mods added to the Arsenal

The Different Types of AKsglocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1183387

The AK Buyer’s Guide – A Beginner’s Guide to the AK Platform

AK-47.US is a great recourse for everything AK – ak-47.us

A Guide to 5.45×39 AK Magazine Types home.comcast.net/~shooter2_indy/ak74_mag_guide.html

Uses for Butt Stock Tool Kithttp://www.novarata.net/Linx310/toolkit.shtml



Converting a Saiga to Pistol Grip Configuration – http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/

Saiga 5.45 conversion video log(Part 1):

Saiga 5.45 conversion video log(Part 2):

Straighten a Canted Front Sight Block – www.novarata.net

Straighten a Canted Gas Block – www.novarata.net

AK Blueprints and Templates – pookieweb./AK/docs/templates

AK-47 Field Strip:

Installing a new barrel on a Kalashnikov, tutorial and discussion – http://www.akfiles.com

AK rear sight leaf removal/install:

Adding an AK Cleaning Kit to the Bonsteel Folding Stock 


AK Files is a forum about everything AK. Great Forum and a great group of helpful members. Good place to look for build information or get questions answered – akfiles.com/forums/

Warrior Talk Forums is a tactical forums with discussion of weapons of all types, combatives, tactics and current events. It has a vibrant AK community – warriortalk.com

Saiga-12 is a great site & forum primarily dedicated to IZHMASH Saiga Rifles & Shotguns, conversions, and different modifications that can be done to them. This is a great resource if you are doing a Saiga conversion – forum.saiga-12.com



Military Arms Channel review of The Arsenal SGL 21-94:

Arsenal SGL21/SGL31: The AK Gold Standard by Nutnfancy:

  • Part 1:


  • Part 2:


AK-47 vs AR-15 by Nutnfancy:

  • Part 1:


  • Part 2:


  •   Part 3:


  • Part 4:


  • Part 5:




Atlantic Firearms (Great place for rifles and accessories) – atlanticfirearms.com

K-VAR (everything AK including rifles and accessories) – k-var.com

Centerfire Systemscenterfiresystems.com

Tombstone Tactical specializes in tactical firearms, optics, ammunition, and firearm accessories – tombstonetactical.com

AIM Surplus is a great site for Ammo, AKs, and accessories – aimsurplus.com

ONESOURCE Tactical is run by the same guys that run  Warrior Talk Forums. Have some interesting products that you cant get anywhere else. Shipping is generally fast and you can call and talk to an actual person – onesourcetactical.com

Primary Arms in TX is a great web-store were most big ticket items have free shipping. Fast Shipping, Competitive Pricing, World Class Customer Service – primaryarms.com

Krebs Customs is one of the premier builders of custom AK rifles. They also have a number of unique custom parts you cant get anywhere else – krebscustom.com

Rifle Dynamics is another of the premier builders of custom AK rifles. the shop is run by Jim Fuller who is the man when it comes to AKs – rifledynamics.com

Bonesteel Arms has some cool items including some interesting stock options – bonesteelarms.com

AK47 World Has a bunch of hard to find accessories – ak47world.com

Poly Technologies has hard to find accessories & barrels – polytechparts.com

 Arsenal is one of the leading US manufactures of Russian AK47 & AK74 – arsenalinc.com