FrogLube Experiment Update – Bolt Action

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I have a Marlin 22 Win Mag that is dear to my heart. It was actually the first rifle I purchased with my own money and its primary use was for Bustin’ Coyotes. It’s a bolt action and is very accurate. She has been a great rifle but kind of fills a specific niche and since I don’t hunt as much as I used too, her main target now, sorry to say, is paper.

Anyways, in the process of moving some scopes from rifle to rifle I had to go to the range to sight in the new scope that’s on her. Just a cheap 3×9 but gets the job done for a rimfire. When I pulled the Marlin out to put the new scope on it, I lathered her up with some FrogLube and ran the action a couple of times with no real difference but by no means was this gun ever stored dry. She had a good dowsing of lube on the action prior to storage. All I did was wipe off the bolt, and spread a thin layer of FrogLube over bolt. I made no attempt to clean or lube the inner carrier.

This is a fun rifle that as I mentioned has not had a enough range time as of late, so on this outing a wanted to put a couple hundred rounds downrange. I have to say that by round 25 the bolt and action had significantly loosened up and was a dream to work over. I think it took the FrogLube a little bit to work through the traditional gun oil that was on the interworking of the action and once that had been completed the action saw a significant change in ease use. I would highly recommend FrogLube for a bolt gun.

As far as other guns, we are trying to get as many rounds downrange as possible to really give you a good feel for where FrogLube’s strength are. Right off the bat it is awesome in an ARs & bolt actions but we will hold out for more rounds through handguns and AKs.

Here is an interesting video on how FrogLube was able to help the action on a Mosin–Nagant:


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