Prepping Mistakes

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Off Grid Survival has a great piece out today about the common mistakes that people make when they start to prepare, like, not having enough water or putting too much importance on gear.

We don’t often link to outside articles but this is a quick read that’s to the point and well thought out. Have a look at the Off Grid Survival’s Prepping Mistakes. 

As always, I think the key is to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. That may be losing your job and having to get by for a couple months while looking for a new one. Or your microwave, car, computer, and furnace all go out at the same time and having money in reserve to fix those issues without going into debt.

I think the biggest mistake people make when they feel the need to become prepared is they are thinking about the big issues like economic collapse or an EMP. These things may very well happen but you are far more likely to loose your job or get hit by hurricane sandy. For those events, your best options are to have stored food on hand and food that you eat everyday, have a backup generator in case the lights go out, and have a plan to get out of dodge if you are going to be hit by a hurricane.

My point is, preparedness is not about stuff (funny coming from a blog that does survival gear reviews), its about being smart and making decisions that put you in a good place if the SHTF or even if it doesn’t.

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