Rifle Dynamics complete AK upgrade “bolt on” package

Rifle Dynamics just came out with a “bolt on” package for your AK allowing you to take a standard AK and make it an excellent fighting rifle minus only a red dot.


The package includes (I have added retail prices next to each item for reference):

  • Ultimak M1-b rail ($100)
  • RD AK M4 stock adapter ($65)
  • Mil-spec buffer tube ($30)
  • Castle nut ($7 from BCM)
  • End plate (standard or QD) ($5)
  • B5 System stock ($56)
  • US Palm grip ($25)

Comes to a grand total of $288 and that does not include shipping for all the individual parts, so it’s a deal if this is the setup you want.

I will say that I have tried most of the different configurations to make an AK a better fighting rifle and the Ultimak with a RDS is the way to go from a function vs weight perspective. The  M4 stock is a great addition if you need a longer length of pull or like me, you have an optic side mount setup and need the longer length of pull for prone shooting. I see the US Palm grip as a must have for any AK unless it’s a safe queen.


I attended the Rifle Dynamics AK armorer/operator course this weekend (I will do a write up shortly) and picked up one of the new RD AK M4 stock adapters. I threw it on my 74 last night and will put it through some testing in the coming weeks with a review to follow.

Overall for $255 I think this is a great way to do an all in one modernization of your AK and save some coin while doing it. You can purchase it directly from Rifle Dynamics HERE.

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