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Holsters, let me tell you about holsters. It has been a long road to find a few holsters that work with the way I dress, that are comfortable, and work with how I want to carry. Because of this, I own a lot of holsters.

Like most of you I have been on a quest for both a great OWB (outside the waistband) holster and an IWB (inside the waistband) holster. On the OWB I think I’m all set. Raven Concealment holsters are exceptional and have the best service and warranty in the business. If there is anything wrong they will pay for you to send it back and they will either fix it or send you a new holster. My personal turnaround on work like this has been a week or less. Anyone that says kydex is kydex has never owned or used a Raven Concealment holster.

Raven Light Compatible Phantom for the INFORCE APL

Raven Light Compatible Phantom for the INFORCE APL

I have been looking for an IWB holster for a long time. I know you can go IWB with the Raven Phantom but it never really worked with my body type or quick on and off. I was looking for a holster that conceals well, is comfortable, can be used by a GLOCK 19 with a red dot, can very easily be put on and taken off, and can be positioned for appendix carry or 5 o’clock.

For 5 o’clock there is no better IWB holster in my option than the crossbreed supertuck or the myriad of copies for that type of holster. The problem with the supertuck is it’s meant for one position on the body and can’t roll all that well for appendix carry.

So while on this quest, I have purchased and sold many a holster and have a nice box of holsters that didn’t work out all that well. I’m not really going to go into much more detail than that, as I think holsters are a very personal and what you like I may completely hate.

This brings us to G-Code and their INCOG. I know, another Travis Haley sponsored piece of gear. To start, my purchasing decision had nothing to do with Travis’s recommendation other than he does test the shit out of stuff he puts his name on. In all actuality, I purchased it because it was relatively cheap and that said they could accommodate a red dot, more on that later.

The INCOG is made by G-Code Holsters and you can purchase it directly from them or from the Haley Strategic web store. The INCOG is a minimalist IWB holster that can be worn at any position but it shines at appendix carry. The holster is not light compatible and as of writing is being made for GLOCKs, M&Ps, 1911s, FN FNS, XDs, and Lionheart LH-9 series pistols. The holster I purchased was for a GLOCK 19 with an RDS at the rear.

The INCOG has a couple stand out features that set it apart from the rest of the IWB crowd. It has a synthetic suede that covers the exterior of the holster that G-Code calls Tactical Fuzz. The fuzz does a couple of things; it adds comfort against your skin if you are wearing it without an undershirt. The fuzz wicks away sweat between your body and the holster, and it also does an excellent job of keeping the holster in place. All the holster edges are rounded and polished and fuzz has yet to pull up at any wear points.

3 hole, 5 hole, and 4 holes clips. You don't get the HSP logo with the aftermarket clips

3 hole, 5 hole, and 4 holes clips. You don’t get the HSP logo with the aftermarket clips

The INCOG comes with some unique belt clips that in my opinion are the star of the show. The belt clips have a negative cant that pushes the gun and grip back into your body, this does an outstanding job of alleviating any “print” from the pistol grip. In many ways this holster conceals better than any other IWB holster I have ever owned. The clips are also exceptional at easy on, easy off. If you need to run out and don’t have your gun on you, the clips are excellent at just sliding the holster into appendix position and clipping over your belt.


The INGOG belt clips open and slide down over the top of your belt and lock in place after they clear the belt. They have a finger tab just under the clip for easy removal, just lift up on the tab and pull off the holster. They can be very easily swapped or moved around to best fit your style of carry, from cant to ride hight. Through thousands of draws I have not once had the clips fail to retain the holster and now I only run the holster with one clip.

Lead time from G-Code is  4-6 Weeks, mine took about 6 weeks. You have the option to get the clips 3 hole clips which they recommended or in 4 hole clips which they say enables deeper carry. Get the 4 hole clips. I went with the 3 because they recomended them and went back to get the longer clips at $10 a piece with $11 in shipping – makes me oh so happy. If you hate the 4 hole you can cut them down as thats all G-Code does. I went back and got the 5 hole and cut it down to 4. I don’t think you want to go back for extra clips as its a rape job to get them separately, which brings me to my purchase experience with G-Code.



So I needed this holster to work with my GLOCK 19 with a RDS milled into the slide from ATEi. No where on their site do they chat about holster that fit pistols with red dots. So I email them asking if they have the option for an RDS GLOCK (the more I enquire, the more I’m learning that most holster markers do make holster for RDS pistols, you just need to ask). I get an email back from George at G-Code stating:

Due to the variations of how different outfits are mounting the RMR’s, the location and depth of the cuts on the slides, or not, Jesse is basically hand modifying the INCOG to allow them to fit. Order your G19 INCOG, and then send jesse@emailaddress.com your order number and a good clear photo of your gun with the sight on it. Once he sees that, then he knows how to modify to allow proper fit.

Sweet! So I do as requested and order the INCOG and then send along a a good clear photo of my pistol for Jesse to look at to cut out the extra material for the RMR. As I mentioned, it takes about 6 weeks for the holster to arrive and to my surprise it won’t fit my GLOCK with the RMR on it. There were no modification made, they just sent a plain jane GLOCK 19 holster. I ping George back as I understand they put out a ton of holster and probably don’t have a system for custom work. George emails me back:

We can still get it cut for you.  Just send it back with a note and with a print out of that pic and put it in the box with the Holster so Jesse has it on hand when he get the holster… And then he can make the mod, and drop it back into the post office.”

Cool, so I ping him back for a shipping label and I get this awesome response:

I have no way of doing that.”

What? You have no way of doing that? Ever heard of stamps.com? I am slightly still bitter about this today (6 months later) so I have to add my response as I think it sums it up:

Just to be clear, I emailed you guys inquiring if you made a holster for an RMR GLOCK 19 and you personally responded saying that G-Code did. You gave me detailed instructions on what I needed to do, which I followed to the letter, to get an INCOG for a RMR GLOCK 19. You guys sent me an INCOG that doesn’t fit my gun, which is the same as you sending me a holster for a Beretta 92 and I have a GLOCK.

I have had issues like this in the past, be it a holster company or a custom gear maker. In all cases they have issued me a return shipping label as the mix up (which I completely understand) was on their end. My personal opinion is you guys are too big and do business with folks like Travis Haley, to tell me you have no way of doing that. I would recommend you look into stamps.com account as I don’t see why I have to add to the cost of this holster for a G-Code’s mix up.

Yea, I was slightly pissed. I don’t care if you messed it up, but by all accounts its your bad so why would I have to pay to ship it back. I have had this same issue with Raven Concealment (issue with an RMR holster) and I received a prompt apology, a shipping label same day, and the holster was back to me in three days – FYI G-Code, thats customer service!

Back to the holster. I have used this everyday for 6 months and love it. It can be worn at 5 o’clock to appendix carry and everything in between. It is hands down the most comfortable, most concealable holster I have owned or tried on. If you like appendix carry this is a great holster to try out. It is very streamlined and the fuzz makes it very comfortable. The holster has an aluminum spacer that helps to push the holster into your body. The spacer comes with three sets of holes to further customize its fit. As with most holsters you’re going to need to mess with the options to get it to fit and feel right for you.

The INCOG features a retention screw right above the spacer to tighten down the retention on the pistol. I kind of hate these but this one does not seem to bug me that much. Get it where you want it and Loctite it. The draw is very smooth with limited holster contact limiting the holster wear on your gun. Reholstering is also very smooth.

Strong side carry – 3 to 5 o’clock I found to be excellent and very comfortable. It’s nice to have a holster that does it all. You can use a GLOCK 17 with the 19 holster if you run both but the barrel with poke out the bottom as the INCOG has an open end. I find the 17 to unruly for appendix so I dont run it that often and prefer the 19 for general carry.

IMG_7501 IMG_7497

I am currently running my INCOG based off a suggestion from the guys at PhLster Holsters with just one clip. This allows the holster to move with you, which I agree is the way to go when running it for appendix carry. As I mentioned above, I have had no issue running just one clip and keeping retention to my belt. I think this says a lot for the quality and design of the clip. With the holster you can also order a mag caddy, but this was something I felt I would take off and rarely use. 

IMG_7491The guys at PhLster Holsters also have a RDS appendix carry holster called the Skeleton IWB that looks to be excellent. I will track one down and do a review.

Overall the ICOG is my daily carry and I love it. The ability to quickly take it on and off without removing your belt or dealing with loops is such a huge plus for this holster. It has changed the way I carry and in the end allows me to carry more often. Its solidly made and works for my needs. If you too are on a quest for a good IWB holster check out the INCOG, it may work for you.

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7 thoughts on “G-Code INCOG Holster Review

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  2. Nick

    I was curious about going half guard or full guard. Which do you recommend or prefer? Are the photos you posted of the holster with full guard? Thank you in advance.

    1. Fleeting Survival Post author

      Because the custom cut is for an RMR equipped GLOCK the guard is at least the half maybe lower. I like to have the smallest possible holster that I can get so even if I didn’t have an RMR pistol I would get the half – YMMV.


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