KelTec Sub-2000 – The “perfect” SHTF Weapon

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I think the key word I would add to the title above is Urban. If you live in an urban environment, chances are good that you don’t have many shots over 100 yards around you. There is also more of a need to be discreet.


For the uninitiated; the KelTec Sub 2000 is a 29.5″ pistol chambered carbine that is available in 9mm and 40 S&W. The Sub 2000 is a blowback semi-automatic rifle with its operating spring located in the stock. The rifle naked weighs in at 4.0 lbs. and can be folded in half at the breach to a length of 16” which fits in most backpacks and messenger bags.

The rifle feeds from a grip-located magazine and is sold in several configurations that take magazines from different pistol manufactures. On the 9mm side the rifle comes in configs that can fit mags for the GLOCK 17, GLOCK 19, Smith & Wesson Model 59, BERETTA 92, and the SIG P226.

On the 40 side the rifle is available in: GLOCK 22, GLCOK 23, BERETTA 96, Smith & Wesson Model 4006, and the SIG P226.


The receiver is made of Zytel which is a type of polymer. To fold the rifle you pull downward on the trigger guard which is on a hinge that allows the barrel assembly to fold over on itself and lock into the folded position with a latch in the buttstock that secures to the front sight. To unfold the rifle, you depress a button on the latch to swing the rifle back into firing position. The rifle is locked into place by pressing the trigger guard back into the pistol grip.

In my opinion the KelTec Sub-2000 is the “perfect” Urban SHTF Weapon especially if you own and carry a GLOCK. Why do you say “especially if you own and carry a GLOCK”? Because the Sub 2k has the ability to use GLOCK mags especially the GLOCK 18 33 round mags. You now have a rifle that folds in half, weighs around 4lb (6lb totally tricked out), shares magazine and ammo with your carry pistol, takes 33 round mags that are small and light weight compared to a AR or AK, and can be carried around in a small backpack.

I have been looking for one of these in the GLOCK 17 configuration for about 2 years. I think it’s fair to say they are hard to find. You can always find them on gunbroker but you will pay about double. I thought I was getting close to finding this unicorn and then Sandy Hook happened, the market did a 180 overnight.  The best advice I have is to find every online shop that sells them and add your email to the back in stock notification system. That being said, I have those all set up but that’s not how I found mine. 


I have purchased a number of guns from CDNN in Texas and let them know if they got some in to give me a call. Randomly a couple of days before my birthday this fall I got a call from the boys at CDNN saying they had seen and captured this unicorn and asked me if I wanted to buy it. Credit card was out of my wallet within seconds.

I finally found my unicorn and I am in love. The rifle is so sweet and compact that when folded it fits in the smallest of backpacks. My sub2k has had no issue with +P 9mm and feeds equally well with GLOCK 17 mags or the GLOCK 18 33 rounders. My Sub2k has been wonderfully reliable and accurate within a 100 yards. But let’s be clear, this is not a bench gun and you will probably get around 3-4 MOA out of the 9mm which is fine for its use case.

The Sub2000 has its limitations and quirks. It has a short length of pull, does not work all that well with optics (more on this in later articles), is a dirty rifle as it’s a blowback system, and can feel kind of cheaply made but that’s because it is. KelTec is not always known for its reliability but this rifle has been around for a long time and they have worked all the kinks out in my opinion. My rifle has been a 100% with steel or brass cased ammo.


In our next article about the sub2000 we will show you some of the awesome products out there that take this small rifle to the next level.

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