Tacticalrifles.net is Suing Sniper’s Hide Forum

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So this is complete BS.

Tacticalrifles.net is a rifle company that makes precision rifles.

Sniper’s Hide Forum  is a precision rifle forum but also do a ton of well thought out reviews on everything from optics to rifles. I have been there a couple of times, seems like a great bunch of guys and there is lots of good info on long range precision shooting.

In 2012 there was a forum post and YouTube video on a Remington 700 rifle that was purchased from Tacticalrifles.net. Here’s the video:

The video outlines (rather calmly I think) issues with the rifle. Because of the forum posts and the video Tacticalrifles.net is Suing Sniper’s Hide Forum in Federal court for Assault Libel & Slander.

Sniper’s Hide is fighting the lawsuit and has done some very successful fundraising on its site for the first round of the fight.

So why are we posting this over at Fleeting Survival? Because, as you can tell from my rant HERE , there is a growing problem on the internet. The internet is an awesome resource and has saved us all lots and lots of money if we do our research. But in the last few years the manufactures have figured this out and try to game the system by giving away product that are crap to reviewers that will post good reviews. I have found some of the best reviews are from those sites that purchase the product, do a fair review, and if it sucks the generally sell it.

So now that the manufactures are gaming the system, the other place to get good data is in forums. If you can weed through the group think, most of the time you can get some good honest information about various products. Generally when a product sucks and you paid good money for it, you want to tell the world.

This lawsuit is essentially trying to neuter that free expression. I don’t think Tacticalrifles.net has a good chance but then again I don’t have all the details. Just wanted to put this on your radar and it may be something you want to follow.

Some great articles on the topic – The Truth About Guns post  and The Firearm Blog post.


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