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We have been working on a new site theme for a while and it is finally up and running. The new theme is simple and clean and does not have the mess of code of the old blue theme.

I know many of you loved the old theme. It served Fleeting Survival well but it was very heavy, a lot of old code and had long load times. We have tried to make the new theme as fast as possible. We have also started to do more with image compression. The compression may not apply to some of the very first posts. We will get around to updating those posts in the future but for now they may be slower loading.

We asked some of the die-hards what they would want out of a new theme and what they would hate. The primary “want” request was speed and the primary “hate” is when you have to jump into the rest of the post (Continue reading →) from the main page. The “Continue reading” link is helpful for us to track post analytics but as a reader of sites like ours we feel your pain. I think the compromise is the post will remain in full length on the main page until there is a new post. At that time, you will then see the “Continue reading” link added to the previous post.

Please give us feedback, especially if you see something not working, via the comments, twitter, Facebook, or Google+ as this is an evolving process and the end goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the info you want and need.

From everyone here at FS we hope you like the new look!

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