The Evolution of Survival

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I came to the conclusion a few years back that prepping is an evolution of the mind. For some of us, it’s just how we were raised, or maybe you were a boy scout and you try to live by the motto of “Be prepared” but for others, one day you just woke up. Once you see that our society is built on a series of systems. You then start to see that a lot of those systems are fragile. Then, very quickly, you come to the conclusion that if there is a disruption in one or more of those systems it could dramatically change how you are forced to live.

After you have woken up per say, you then kind of freak out as there is so much to do, learn, and purchase to try to replicate your current comforts of society. Seems like the first step for most, is to get a bunch of food and guns for mad max scenario end of the world. After a while you start to examine what could be the different triggers for these type of black swan events. At this point you may have amassed enough food and ammo to get you through the easy stuff and you start to look at other places where you are vulnerable.

Seems like the next evolution is; preppers asking how can I become better at being self-sufficient? This may be looking at things like starting your own company so you’re not dependent on others for your income. Purchasing land so you can become the master of your own domain. All the way to learning how to garden and permaculture for land management and make your land work for you.

There is a next evolution that not very many have gotten too, and that is; how do I become totally self-sufficient like the Indians of old or the Amish of today. The reason not very many make it to the next evolution is because it’s hard. You need to learn a lot. It has far more to do with the skills you know vs the stuff you have and at some point you are able to shed all the stuff because it no longer matters. It take a lot of time to master all those skills and most of us don’t have the time. Kids, work, school, they can all get in the way of that next evolution and that’s OK. Sometimes it’s helpful to see where you want to go even if you can’t get there right now.

Dave Canterbury is one of those guys, and one of the reasons you find his videos throughout this site.  It took me a long time to decipher his philosophy from his YouTube videos. There was a lot of thinking; how does what he is teaching, impact me and what I am trying to achieve.  I think in the video below, Dave outlines his basic preparedness mind set and as I mentioned above, you may not be there yet but I think the video is well worth your time and in some cases may help you leapfrog some of the steps in your evolution. Enjoy!

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