We Buy Jarts (Lawn Darts)

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If you attempted to post up your set of Jarts (Lawn Darts) on ebay or other auction sites and they killed your listing, drop us a line at –  Jarts @ fleetingsurvival .com and we will buy them off you.


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4 thoughts on “We Buy Jarts (Lawn Darts)

    1. F S Post author

      Set Up a ebay alert for them. You will get an email whenever someone tries to sell them. It generally takes ebay about 10-24 hours till they are pulled. When you get the email alert click on the listing and send the seller a message. Let the seller know (in a nice way as most of the time they dont believe you) that ebay is going to pull the listing and if they want to sell them send you an email. You have to spell all that out cryptically as ebay’s computers will see that you are trying to make a sale outside of ebay. So your email needs to be written like “mike at that google mail”. Most of the time the seller figure it out.


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