A perfect hat? This may be it – THE B.A.C. CAP

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I have been looking for a new hat to shoot with. I love baseball caps but hate the button that’s on the top of them. They have a tendency to give you a headache while wearing ear pro while shooting.

The answer? Arc’teryx LEAF has created the B.A.C. CAP as a standard Operator Hat with a Velcro panel for patches. Arc’teryx has embroidered the Dead Bird logo into the Velcro making it a nice hat to where even without a patch. I keep telling myself that this is stupid to review an Operator Hat but I keep informing those around me how awesome this hat is. I have been told I need to do a review.

Some background if you are not familiar with Arc’teryx or their LEAF division (From LEAF’s Facebook page):


Arc’teryx Equipment – Law Enforcement and Armed Forces products.


At Arc’teryx our central purpose is to build the finest products possible.

Company Overview

Arc’teryx was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1991, where it maintains its Worldwide Head Office, design studios, and main manufacturing facilities. Our central purpose is to build the best product possible. We don’t focus on incremental advancements, but on radically improving the status quo. Our designers strive not to outdo the competition, but to challenge assumptions about how products sh…See More


Although Arc’teryx has its roots in the climbing world, we realize that the need for better gear exists in many areas. Among the hardest gear users on the planet are the people involved in law enforcement, military operations, peacekeeping missions and security details. The gear they use day in and day out simply has to perform and cannot be allowed to fail. The Arc’teryx Law Enforcement & Armed Forces (LEAF) product line was developed to address those needs.

Out of this Mission I think they may have built the finest Operator Hat available today.

The hat is a standard trucker-style baseball cap with FlexFit construction and mesh side and rear panels for venting. It has a Velcro patch on the front for patches / designated identifier.  It but comes in two sizes SM-MD & LG-XL, I went with the LG-XL as I have a big melon. The fit is perfect and it’s a dream to wear.

Some trucker hats have a massive hard plastic liner that makes it at best massive on your head to worst uncomfortable to wear. This hat does not. It has reinforcement on the front panel but not overly hard and still molds to your head. I have been wearing baseball caps my whole life and there a couple of key features that are a must in my opinion:

  1. It needs to mold to your head and become one with you
  2. The brim needs to have enough flexibility to bend in but also have enough give to not dig into you temples
  3. FlexFit is the best advancement in hats since adjustability, now days I consider it a must unless it’s a fitted hat
  4. It needs to be able to breath and dry fast – polypro
  5. If it is for shooting there should be no top button as they start to press holes into the top of your head when using ear muffs = a headache. This is a deal breaker for me, hats that have top buttons suck for all day shooting adventures with ear pro on.

This hat has all these features and fits my head like a glove. Again FlexFit is awesome. The brim is outstanding and has reinforcement on the lip so it doesn’t start to fray on you. Someone put some love into this design. Like all things Arc’teryx the quality is outstanding.

The B.A.C. is actually a Cotton/Synthetic blend, meaning it will have the best of both worlds allowing it to dry fast but still cool your head in hot climates. And no top button! This hat was designed to be a shooter.

I picked this up from my old friends at Grey Group Training as they are a LEAF dealer. Grey Group is always on point and can’t recommend them enough. I love this hat so much I think I will also have to pick up the one in black. If your looking to pick up a new hat, check out the B.A.C.

Link to Arc’teryx B.A.C. Cap – http://leaf.arcteryx.com/Product.aspx?EN/Mens/Accessories/B.A.C.-Cap#

Link to Grey Group Training – http://greygrouptraining.com/

Link to Arc’teryx LEAF’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ArcteryxLEAF

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