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Arc’teryx LEAF Combat Pants Hack

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Long ago I purchased a used pair of Arc’teryx LEAF Combat Pants from a gentleman off AR15.com. One of these days I need to do a review of the LEAF Combat Pants but for the sake of this post, if you like somewhat loose-fitting cargo pants, they are best I have ever seen. ITS Tactical did a great review years… Read more »

Mastering Layers

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This is an interesting video from the Law Enforcement & Armed Forces (LEAF) division over at Arc’teryx that is essentially a resurrection of an old North Face layering system. Although he is totally reading off a cue card, he makes some good points about interpreting the 3 layers and adapting different pieces into that 3 layer system. Video may have to… Read more »

A perfect hat? This may be it – THE B.A.C. CAP

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I have been looking for a new hat to shoot with. I love baseball caps but hate the button that’s on the top of them. They have a tendency to give you a headache while wearing ear pro while shooting. The answer? Arc’teryx LEAF has created the B.A.C. CAP as a standard Operator Hat with a Velcro panel for patches…. Read more »


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Years ago I used to sell outdoor gear, I was an Outfitter. I worked in the DC Metro area which was an interesting place to sell high end gear for a number of reasons. One, there is a lot of money there so we could afford to sell the very best. Two, it was a pit stop for some as… Read more »