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Sootch00 just did a great video on a Get Home Bag. A get home bag is a bag that you have in you vehicle at all times in case you get stuck or stranded and need to make your way home. Sootch00 does a great job of breaking the bag up into three parts based on the time it would take for you to get home.

There is room here to add what additional items you may need but I think he does a good job of covering the basics. You can easily pick up an old backpack from Goodwill that will get the job done and most of the other items you probably have laying around the house. Here is a list of items he mentions in his Get Home Bag:

Bag should be light weight and Durable.
Boots or Walking Shoes in Vehicle at all times.
EDC: Knife, Firearm, Flashlight, Cell , Keys

1-3 Hour Walk:
Hat, Bandana, Sunscreen
Sun Glasses (Safety), Dust Mask (Bandana)
Poncho and/or Heavy Mil Trash Bag
1st Aid Kit

3-12 Hour Walk:
Water: Bottle w/ filter
Fire Starter
Field Knife
Map & Compass
Protection (Firearm & Non Lethal)
Paracord or Cordage
Extra Batteries
Cash $20-100
TP Toliet Paper

12-48 hour walk:
Sleeping system (Bivvy or Space Blanket)
Socks / Gloves
Extra Magazine/Ammo

I was amazed after watching his video how many similarities we share between our Get Home Bags. I completely agree with the one is none, two is one mentality. Things that I think you should double up on are Dave Canterbury’s 10 C’s of Survivability:

  1. Cutting tool – the most difficult thing to reproduce in an outdoor situation
  2. Combustion – something that will start a fire no matter if it is wet or dry
  3. Cordage – para cord, rope, straps, etc
  4. Container – something that you can carry, boil, and purify water in
  5. Cargo – a pack that you can put your items into
  6. Compass – some sort of item that you can determine accurate coordinates for
  7. Cover – some sort of shelter to protect you from the elements
  8. Candle or light – 100% bees was candle or a flashlight
  9. Combination tool – more of a comfort item SAK, multi tool or saw
  10. Cloth or bandana – used for filtering water etc

From here if you just add some luxuries like food, water, personal protection, some cash, and others like sunglasses you will be good to go.

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