Anticipate, be prepared and be safe!

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The events of Newtown are beyond tragic. I am a firm believer that we are a nation that is dealing with a mental health problem that we have not faced before. There is a must read article about this problem HERE. Please read it and pass it along to friends as this is the real problem and not guns. Guns are the easy fix and we as Americans like to take the easy way out. We have a lot of hard problems in front of us and if we keep taking the easy way out, well, its not hard to see the future.

Right after the shooting I had a sneaky suspicion that some form of gun control would be on the way. The media was all over the issue and as usual were blaming the guns and not the fact that the shooter was mentally deranged. I had no idea at the time that entire gun market would dry up in a matter of a week or two.

I have never seen anything like it. In 2008 it was hard to get ammo and some accessories but it was nothing like this. Good luck getting a GLOCK magazine or a PMAG right now let alone and AR-15. As one of the guys at my gun range said “everybody went and got gas on the same day and now we have to wait for the tankers to bring more”.

If you follow the gun industry, this is a perfect example of why we have to prepare for when times get bad. Just imagine for a moment if this was food, or water, or gas that rumor had it was going to be taken away. The shelves would be bare as they are now at gun shops all across the country. A loaf of bread would cost $25. How would you deal with that? If you didn’t have food reserves you would panic and try to buy anything you could get your hands on.

I think there are two key lessons here; one, you need to be prepared for when these events occur so you don’t have to be part of the mob trying to get gas, food, or ammo. Two, you need to bump up your situational awareness so that you can anticipate what will happen after events like Newtown, or hurricane Sandy, or Katrina. In all those cases those who were not prepared ran out and horded as much as they could get their hands on leaving those, fare behind the 8 ball, to pick up the scraps. What if you needed those scraps to feed your kids? What would you do? What would you pay for them? What would you do to get them?

Sorry to get so deep here but this is a great example of just how fragile our society is. Random events can cause the system to fail very quickly and we must be prepared to react and hopefully have enough resources stored that we may not even have to.

Anticipate, be prepared and be safe!

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