Two Great Podcasts on Preparedness

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We have been big fans of The Survival Podcast (TSP) here at Fleeting Survival for years. Jack Spirko over at TSP has been instrumental in helping us to make excellent self-sufficient decisions. Jack recently did two shows called zero-to-prepared where he outlines how to start down the preparedness lifestyle.

These are great shows to listen to if you are just starting out or if you have been living the preparedness lifestyle for years. These shows are also excellent to pass on to those that may not be into preparedness as the simple things you can do to be better prepared for everyday life.

To make life easy we have posted the audio here but it would be a better experience to check them out over at TSP. We have posted direct links to each show under the audio.

EPISODE 1056 – ZERO TO PREPARED – Fast Simple & Low Cost – Part 1

Link to Episode 1056 over at TSP


EPISODE 1057 – ZERO TO PREPARED – Fast Simple & Low Cost – Part 2

Link to Episode 1057 over at TSP


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