Factors for Selecting a Handgun

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KIT UP! has a good article about Factors for Selecting a Handgun. I just went though this experience with someone. Myself and another trusted friend tried to point a want-to-be new handgun owner to a ton of great recourse for choosing their first handgun. This is very hard for a new shooter as the don’t understand the differences in size and how those sizes effect the shoot-ability both from the size of the frame to the caliber of the bullet.

Factors for Selecting a Handgun – Have a look at KIT UP’s thoughts on the subject as they break it down into six categories:

  • Fit – How well does it fit your hand?
  • Cost of Training – Or total cost of ownership
  • Bore Axis – Relationship between the top of the beavertail (grip) and the centerline of the bore
  • Purpose of Use – What are you planning on using this firearm for? 
  • Support – How easily are spare or aftermarket parts obtained?
  • Cost – The “buy once, cry once” rule applies. Choose wisely.

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