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One of the reasons for the creation of this blog was to foster an environment where we could do in-depth reviews on products that we would use ourselves or found intriguing in the industry. About 70% of the product that we review we purchased for ourselves and the other 30% are offered to us from companies that would like us to test and evaluate the product and then do a review. We take the T&E portion seriously.

Items that we get for T&E, sometimes are sent back because there is nothing to review – the product is a fail. Its not worth our time or yours to do the review. Sometimes we are totally blown away. The Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail Review was one of those. We thought for the cost and just the whole idea the product was going to be a fail. That product turned out to be a cheap awesome way to put a red dot on an AK and is rock solid.

So let’s say we want to buy a new rail system for a rifle, AK or AR,  doesn’t matter. We’re going to narrow our results on a few possibilities based on price and the features we want. From there we will go out and scour the web for reviews on those rails that have been down selected. 90% of the time, those reviews suck! They are “company A sent us this rail and its awesome, you should buy it”. Really?? Essentially company A sent you a rail for free and you just had to throw up a review on it so you put it on your rifle, took some pictures, and then you called it good. Be wary of awesome reviews the day or week a new product is released, chances are good some people wanted some free shit.

As an FYI, this is not our style. Please take Fleeting’s reviews as data points in your own research. Hopefully we bring you content and answers you can’t find anywhere else.

Sorry for the short rant, we just get tired of the BS sometimes.

Thanks again for all the support!!


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