Import Ban on 7N6 5.45×39?

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I generally don’t link to other blogs but if you own an AK74 you need to read this:

Rumors have been circulating that last two days that the BATF has stopped the importation of steel core 5.45×39 ammo. After reading this news on social media, I’m sure many of you fired up your browser and gave Google a thorough workout trying to find a copy of the official BATF letter that gives the smack down to cheap 7N6 ammo… and like me you were probably unable to find such a letter.

Read rest of story at The Bang Switch:×39/#sthash.JAsw3tMg.dpuf

PS – Aim Surplus has 5.45 in stock right now for a decent price.


Copes Distributing has confirmed that the ATF has in fact shut off the import of 5.4×39 surplus ammo.  From a post they made on at 3pm today:

Confirmed from the IMPORT BRANCH of the BATFE…Just got off the phone with them….Exact words No more Imports of 5.45×39 Ammo……. Don’t hate me as we are OUT OF STOCK ALREADY….. Just delivering the message…


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