Tail of the AK – Part 3

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If you have not had a chance yet, have a look at at Part 1 & Part 2.

By Sunday morning it was apparent that M+M had shipped a lemon. Stuff happens, I get it but as I mentioned before, this was such a bummer. It was a beautiful weekend and I had dreams of shooting at my outdoor range and sighting in at 100 yards. Now none of that was going to happen.

After looking over the gun, there were some other issues I was not too happy about. It looks like whom ever built this M10 had crushed part of the gas tube as they were putting on the rail system and the top cover was far more difficult to put on than any other AKs I’ve handled.

At this point I had a bad taste with this gun. I emailed Blaine and asked him if we could do an exchange. He had offered in his first email and this M10 was just giving me bad mojo. It’s not that I didn’t want an M10, I just didn’t want this one. Blaine emailed me back and said he could do a refund or a swap out for a different AK, as there has been a run in last couple of weeks on everything AK-74 and they were out of M10s. We spent the rest of the day trading emails about any folders he had be it low-end all the way up to $1200 Arsenals.

Blaine called me again on Monday after he had a chance to look over Atlantic’s inventory and told me I was SOL on getting another M10 from them but M+M might send me a new rifle if the new mags didn’t work. We also had a chance to chat about different options in the market. He had nothing but good things to say about the M+M and that I was the first to have issues with the 74.  The only thing he had in stock we Arsenals in the base model and the SGL-34 triangle folder along with the polymer folder. Both of those are in the AR territory price wise but the base modeSGL-31 was looking attractive and I could build it out exactly how I wanted.

Monday evening rolled around and I got three mags in the mail. A Tapco and two good surplus steel mags. I headed off to the range to see if this would solve all my woes. My thought process was if the new mags worked I would keep the rifle and chat with M+M about the gas tube issue and a new ProMag. I got to the range and picked up some Wolf ammo and had a hunch the new mags would solve the problem.

Unfortunately it was the same thing with all three mags. Nothing would work without jamming.  Two to four rounds and then jam. I called it a night, headed home and emailed Blaine. He emailed me back at 8:30pm to let me know he would contact M+M about the issue in the morning. I replied letting him know I would be interested in doing a swap for the Arsenal and make up the difference.

It took a couple of days but M+M followed up with me and asked me to send the rifle back. I boxed it up and shipped it off.

The only issue I had with the whole process is Atlantic wanted to wait till the gun shipped before we would do step two of sending out the Arsenal. It ended up being a credit and then a separate order for the Arsenal. If I knew in the beginning it was going to be a separate order, I would have just ordered it on Tuesday, but in the end we didn’t order it till Friday. I’m just impatient and I would assume, I was the only one in the group that wasn’t crazy busy.

My hats off to Atlantic for taking care of their customers, it’s rare these days. As I mentioned before, Atlantic has had no idea the M10, and the process to follow was a review. No one paid me to do this or gave me anything in exchange. This just goes to show the level at which Atlantic will go above and beyond for their customers. If you read good things in the AR and AK forums about Atlantic, I’m happy to say, the rumors are true.

The arsenal should be here tomorrow or the next. This whole saga will move from a review of a $600 rifle that has everything I wanted, to an Arsenal and the build-out to come. Stay tuned for Part 4.

There is a good review of the M10 with pics over at AK Talk if your hunting around for reviews.

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3 thoughts on “Tail of the AK – Part 3

  1. AK Matt

    I’m liking my M10.

    That is the one of the problems with that rail system, it can be put on too tight. Also the dust cover is hard to take off because the button has a little lip on it that is newer addition to AKs. You have to push in and down or kinda lift on the top cover.

    Blaine is awesome, as is Atlantic in general. Your Arsenal should work out great though.

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