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2015-04-28 18.11.50About two weeks back I was finally able to pick up GLOCK’s new single stack 9mm; the GLOCK 43. My local gun shop was very helpful with getting me one and as of today my Beretta Nano is out the door.

I love to carry GLOCK 19s but in the summer it gets a little hard not to print and that is where the cut down 26L come into play. When it gets super-hot here or when I have to wear a suit for work I went with a Beretta Nano. At the time the Nano was about a Glocky as you could get with a single stack.

The Nano is a good pistol. It has a heavy slide that helps with recoil in such a small gun. Three things that bugged me about the Nano was the endless trigger, the lack of a slide stop, and the high bore axis. The trigger on the Nano is almost endless, it’s also mushy and the reset has a lot to be desired. It is not the worse I have used but it’s pretty bad. One of my main pain points with the Nano is it does not have a slide stop, so if you want to lock the slide back you have to insert an unloaded magazine, pull the slide back to last round hold open and then remove the mag. This all seems rather stupid but Beretta will claim it’s a great tradeoff for its snag free design. It may just be me but I rarely run into my slide stop snagging on my holster or gear.

The Nano also has a high bore axis so the gun is tippy and never really feels locked into your hands. The sights are ok and I upgraded them to Berettas night sights which are actually quite nice. Beretta also sells a super tuck holster for the Nano that is the most comfortable holster I have ever owned. In the grand scheme of things the Nano has been reliable and not all that hard to shoot. It was a moment in time and the best option available when it came out.


Beretta Nano

Enter the GLOCK 43. Thank God, I am sick of all these crappy guns trying to be like a single stack 9mm GLOCK. the M&P shield is really the only one that I like or feel is a super reliable option. The GLOCK 42 never peaked my interest. I had no desire to go down to a 380 as a primary caliber. I think it is an awesome backup gun and I have some buddies in protective details that use it just for that but I never wanted to spend the cash to downgrade.

The 43 as you know by now is a 6+1 single stack 9mm pistol. It is essentially a GLOCK 26 by length of the slide and length of the grip but it is much slimmer. When you see it in pictures you don’t really get a feel for the difference. It’s a slim gun compared to a normal 9mm GLOCK. Triangle Tactical has some awesome comparison pictures with other carry pistols.

There are a lot of people that want the 43 to be as small as the 42. If you have ever picked up a 42 you can see the promise of what the 43 could be at that size but, at the end of the day, GLOCK needed to make a pistol that was easy to shoot, reliable, and did not defy the laws of physics. If you are one of those that are disappointed that it is not smaller I feel your pain but the 43 is a hell of a pistol.

Hickok45 just did two great videos on the 43:

At this point we probably have about 700 rounds downrange; from 115 grain ball to 147 super quiet subsonics rounds. I have thrown every self defence round I could get my hands on to down range looking for a hiccup. Rounds like 115gr Critical defence and 135gr Critical Duty, Gold Dots both 124gr and 147, Federal HST 124gr and 147gr and few more not worth mentioning. The gun has been flawless out of the box.

The factory stippling kind of sucks and I went with a Talon Grip which was fine but I have never been able to fall in love with those when I have the option to do my own stippling. I will end up doing the stippling myself, I just need to find some time.

The trigger is all GLOCK as is the reset but the trigger pull is brutal. We measured it at 8 1/2 lbs. Thats not all that awesome for a standard GLOCK trigger. I installed a Ghost Connector (GLOCK 42 connector will fit the 43) and the trigger is much nicer but a little lighter than I would have liked – right around 3 1/2 lbs. I may go back to stock after I put more round threw it but it’s up in the air right now.

The 43 comes with two 6 round mags. One mag is flush-fit and the other is an extended magazine but with no extra capacity. Its a lot like a Pearce Grip Extensions for the GLOCK 26, it adds a place for you pinky. Its a nice option for shooting at the range but without the extra capacity I don’t see the point for concealment. I am sure there will be a bazillion aftermarket parts here shortly including magazine extension with added capacity.

As of right now I need a holster, which I picked up a F3 Holster Foxtrot AIWB IWB Holster and will do a review when I get it in. I have no idea about these guys but they seem to get good reviews and the holster is like other designs I currently use so lets hope its good.

I also need a set of night sights or any sights for that matter as the GLOCK sights suck. The good news is the 43 will use 42 sights so a few solutions are already out there. I need to look around as it’s an opportunity to try something new. We will do posts on all the accessories that we went with and if they work or not.

The GLOCK 43 is a great gun and fits a need that GLOCK has had for a while. The gun I have has been boringly reliable and will be a dream to carry in the summer or dressed up in a suit. The 43 may also be a great backup gun for those not wanting to dabble into 380s for that. We will keep you guys up to date on the gun and if you get a chance I think its worth your while to check on out at your local gun shop. They seem to be far easier to find than past new GLOCK products.
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