GLOCK 43 – Cerakoted (Updated)

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As I had mentioned in the GLOCK 43 – Getting a better grip post, I have a gunsmith locally that does cerakote and he offered to cerakote my GLOCK 43 in the same color pattern as my Umbrella Corp/BCM SBR. It took a little while, I had to grab the gun from him as I needed it for a few weeks. He called me a few days ago to let me know it was all set.

I have to say I am in love. I don’t really love the 43 as a pistol. I think it’s the best one for it’s size category. It has the benefit of being all GLOCK and I think it is a great backup gun. That all being said, the cerakote really makes it pop. I will keep you guys up to date on holster wear and the general durability of cerakote on a handgun.




Had some request for images of the finish wear from use. The images below are from about a year of beating on this 43. I really dont baby my guns – I throw them in bags with other guns, parts and ammo all the time so any random chips are probably from that. Any frame wear is from an INCOG holster. I would say the wear on the frame is indicative of what you will get just like normal holster wear but the frame wear is from abuse. I would add that this gun has not been really cleaned on the exterior so some of the wear may clean up.


2016-09-07 11.07.19 2016-09-07 11.08.17 2016-09-07 11.07.53 2016-09-07 11.07.30

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4 thoughts on “GLOCK 43 – Cerakoted (Updated)

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