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I was sitting around with a few gun guys and gun trainers recently and the conversation turned to the top names in training. Names that gun guys that don’t do any training would know; names like Costa, Haley, Vickers, Rogers, Ayoob, Yeager, & Pincus. I was slightly amazed that these so called trainers had never heard of some of them, and the ones they had, were cutting them down.

There are all kinds of requirements that folks put in gun forums that you should adhere to when trying to find a trainer to spend your training dollars on. After training with a few of the good ones and after this little round table conversation, my best advice is ask those you are thinking of training with (especially if they are local trainers) what was the last training course they had taken. Because all the names above would have no issue recommending one another and have probably taken each other classes at some point.

It’s called continuing education and we require our doctors and scientist to do it. Hell, anyone worth their salt in any profession generally does it. There are other ways to do things and as a trainer, you should be able to talk about the pros and the cons of why you choose the tactics you teach. So if you spend all your time ripping on your competition and you don’t have any other classes from other instructors and schools on your resume, be damn sure I’m taking my training dollars elsewhere. It’s too much money in class fees, ammo and most of all time to play around with nonprofessionals who don’t get how overall training evolutions work.

If the instructor you are thinking about training with are asking you to shell out $300-$900 they should know what the landscape looks like and sure as hell done it themselves. I don’t have the time for people who think they are all that but don’t have an AAR to prove it. If you go ask any of the names above, they will give you a list of great local trainers. I have a feeling the ones that were around the table with me would never make the cut.

End of Rant

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