Food Storage for Apartments

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If you live in an apartment or small house and don’t have a lot a of storage space for 5 gallon buckets full of beans and rice, I may have a solution for you.

One of the biggest pains in the butt of prepping if you live in the city or suburbs is where to put any extra gear or food you may think you need. At a basic level if you have 90 days of food you will be able to get through a lot of manmade or natural disasters. From a probability standpoint you are far more likely to encounter those types of issue vs the End of Days.

You can do 30 – 60 days worth of food pretty easily with copy canning. Here is great article about copy canning over at HoodsWoods if you dont know what I am talking about.

Next most people will tell you to go to Costco and pick up 50lb bags of food and build out 5 gallon buckets with Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. That’s awesome but where are you going to put all these buckets. Most people I know that live in an apartment don’t have a closet they can designate just to preps.

What you really need is the basics, like dry goods in cans that will help you to weather a longer storm. That’s where LDS comes in. LDS or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints (I am not a member) is big into preparedness and self-reliance. It’s one of their main tenets of belief. Because of this, if you live out west, they have canneries that you can go to and help can food and they give you a nice discount on their can goods.

If you don’t live out west or don’t want to go to a cannery, they also have a web store of items that have been pre-canned and are sold in boxes. The boxes hold six #10 cans (which are large cans). The cans are 7” by 6” and the boxes are about 18 x 12 x 7 which is a nice size to throw in a closet or slide under a bed.

They have greatly expanded since we first heard about them as they used to offer just rice, oats, and beans. They now have a ton of items like potato flakes and canned sugar.

Is it the cheapest stuff around? It pretty cheap but you could do it cheaper. But that’s not really the point. Since they are canned for you and a good size, you can store them in places where a 5 gal bucket won’t work.

Just giving you options. If you want to check out what they are offering and what they have in stock the website is HERE. If that link ever changes you can always go to their online store – and its under “Home and Family” and then under “Self-Reliance”. If they don’t have something you want in stock you can backorder it if using a credit card and they will ship it out when they get more in stock.

As always, just a data point.


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