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“Bump Fire” Style, Drop-In Trigger for AR-15

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I am not that huge of a fan of “Bump Fire” stocks although they are fun to shoot I think they are more of a novelty. TacCon is set to release a new trigger that uses the same premise of a “Bump Fire” stock by using a reset mechanism in the trigger and recoil of the rifle to simulate a “Bump Fire” result…. Read more »

3000 Survival Books, Manuals, and Guides for Download

Check out Armageddon Online as they have nearly 3000 survival books, manuals, guides and more in for download. Topics include: Natural Disaster Survival,  Food and Water Prep, Navigation, General Urban and Wilderness Preparedness, Gun Manuals, Evasion Techniques and a whole lot more – Follow us on Google+ by

Rifle Dynamics complete AK upgrade “bolt on” package

Rifle Dynamics just came out with a “bolt on” package for your AK allowing you to take a standard AK and make it an excellent fighting rifle minus only a red dot. The package includes (I have added retail prices next to each item for reference): Ultimak M1-b rail ($100) RD AK M4 stock adapter ($65) Mil-spec buffer tube ($30) Castle nut… Read more »

A note on reviews

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One of the reasons for the creation of this blog was to foster an environment where we could do in-depth reviews on products that we would use ourselves or found intriguing in the industry. About 70% of the product that we review we purchased for ourselves and the other 30% are offered to us from companies that would like us… Read more »

Trijicon CCAS

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I was just chatting with a bunch of guys about something like this when I was over in Africa. A scope that would harness all we have learned so far about ballistics and marksmanship. Trijicon just reinvented the combat optic with the Trijicon Continuously Computed Aiming Solution – CCAS.   Follow us on Google+ by