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KKM Precision’s Drop In Barrel Review

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I have thrown a lot of rounds downrange with my GLOCK 19. I would guess 20-25k. The barrel is still in decent shape although groups may have opened up a little bit. On the advice of Kyle Defoor, I decided to try out KKM Precision’s Glock 19 Match 9mm Drop in barrel. After about 1k round I can say the… Read more »

Breaking Up The Silhouette – Hydro-Dipping Your Rifle

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I have been looking to get one of my guns hydro-dipped for a while. I have a Berretta 3901 that is an all black 12 gauge that would be a killer duck gun. I always thought it would be cool to get hydro-dipped in a reed camo pattern. In doing research into hydro-dipping I had some concerns about the durability of… Read more »

G-Code INCOG Holster Review

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Holsters, let me tell you about holsters. It has been a long road to find a few holsters that work with the way I dress, that are comfortable, and work with how I want to carry. Because of this, I own a lot of holsters. Like most of you I have been on a quest for both a great OWB (outside… Read more »

UW Gear Talks About Camo On A Budget

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Check out this video from UW Gear talking about if you’re on a budget, don’t forget about woodland camo. The guys over at UW Gear know an awful lot about camo as they make great gear in numerous types of camo and also do a lot of camo testing in different environments over at their forum.   Follow us on Google+ by


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INFORCE  within the last year came out with a new pistol mounted light (APL- Auto Pistol Light) to compete with the likes of the SureFire x300 and Streamlight TRL series of lights. The APL is a follow up to the outstanding INFORCE WML for long guns. The more we use the WML the more we love it. The WML (review here)… Read more »


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INFORCE just announced that they will be releasing an FDE version of their APL pistol light. We will very shortly be posting up our review of the APL and the short version is we like it. For what you get for the money, its an awesome pistol light. The FDE version would be great option for those that want to… Read more »

The RMR GLOCK 19 by ATEi

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There are times when you have someone do some work for you and you are impressed with the end result. Then there are times (not very often) when you are blown away by the work done and wonder how they did it. We sent a GLOCK 19 slide into Doug at ATEi for an RMR milling and to refinish the slide with… Read more »

Adding an AK Cleaning Kit to the Bonesteel Folding Stock

When I got my AK back from Nate at Unique Armament Creations, I wanted to see if the cleaning rod would work with the new Bolton Block integrated front site block / gas block. Nate had replaced the stock Arsenal lower handguard retainer that has a hole for the cleaning rod with a new one as I cut the first… Read more »