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Get Home Bag

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Sootch00 just did a great video on a Get Home Bag. A get home bag is a bag that you have in you vehicle at all times in case you get stuck or stranded and need to make your way home. Sootch00 does a great job of breaking the bag up into three parts based on the time it would take for you… Read more »

CoWitness Explained

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Dimitri with Primary Arms does a great job in this video of explaining CoWitness both absolute and lower 1/3. One of the reviews we are working on and should have up in the next week is the Texas Weapons Systems (TWS) Kalashnikov Handguard. Right out front, one of our major issues with this handguard is the lack of CoWitness. This is… Read more »

Testing a Common Man’s Survival Bow

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Dave Canterbury just posted a great video on testing a Common Man’s Survival Bow. Great explanation about setting up a bow on the cheap. This is not something I would have thought about but this is a great idea for a Bug Out Location to just to throw in the closet. You could get Dave’s recommended bow and a bunch… Read more »

Watch Out For Poisonous Plants This Spring

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It’s that time of year for watching where you step. As spring has sprung in most of the country you need to keep a lookout for those plants that ruin your day. Dave Canterbury did a great video in 2008 that has stood the test of time for me and thought I would share it with you guys. As Dave… Read more »

A Great Guide to 5.45×39 Magazines

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I have complained in the past that it is difficult to get good info on AKs. One of the guys over at has put together an excellent guide to AK74 magazines. His “guide covers all 5.45x39mm magazine types regularly encountered in the United States. Those types rarely or never seen in the United States are listed at the end… Read more »

Ohh the stippling – US Palm Battle Grip

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I wanted to see if I could add a little additional grip to the US Palm Battle Grip. What’s nice about stippling this piece is, if you mess it up you can just get a new one, unlike a GLOCK frame – well you could but it would be pricy. There are two ways to do stippling that I know… Read more »

Making Char Cloth & a Proper Birds Nest

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I was thinking about writing up a long post for you on the topic of making char cloth & a proper birds nest to start a fire for survival purposes or for camping but I think its better as a visual medium. Dave Canterbury who is an excellent resource for bushcraft and wilderness survival (Bio Here) has put out two… Read more »

Tail of the AK – Part 3

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If you have not had a chance yet, have a look at at Part 1 & Part 2. By Sunday morning it was apparent that M+M had shipped a lemon. Stuff happens, I get it but as I mentioned before, this was such a bummer. It was a beautiful weekend and I had dreams of shooting at my outdoor range… Read more »